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Choices of a Former President and Pro American Patriot

As 145 soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan walked through the double doors in Terminal D at DFW Airport last week for two weeks of R&R, they were greeted not only by their families, but by former president George and Laura Bush.

AFA’s long-time friend, Bert Brady, who helps coordinate the welcome home project to our troops coming home for furlough at Dallas Fort Worth airport sent us an amazing video of President Bush welcoming the troops.

It is refreshing to see how pro-American and patriotic our former Commander-in-Chief is.

Please take a moment to watch this heartwarming and inspirational video of President Bush welcoming home our military heroes.

Brady said bout 40 people, among them retirees and veterans, show up almost daily to help welcome home soldiers with ovations as they depart customs and enter the main terminal. More than 750,000 service members have been welcomed as part of the program, he said, and some purposely ask to reroute their return to the U.S. so they can come through DFW.


Help us send 100,000 “Thank You!” messages to former President George Bush for his patriotism and support of our military!  Let’s let him know we are grateful for his continued leadership.

Please continue to remember our troops and their families in your daily prayers.

Watch the video and send your “Thank You” now!



Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

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A 10 Minute Walk for Freedom

This is a priceless rendering from 65 years ago about what freedom in America is all about. Hope you enjoy the break to REALITY!LEAVE YOUR COMMENT BEFORE YOU GO[youtube=]


Conversations in the Air

Spain 09 003Spain 09 290Spain 09 002This month’s trip to Barcelona and Madrid started with three Delta connections and one Spanish national flight with Vueling Air. I imagined it would prove to be a long beginning to a quick trip to Spain. Life however always manages to offer us an oasis or two along the way.

The first being a relaxing conversation that occured on the first flight to Atlanta with a happy stranger from Detroit. The topics we conversed about move quickly from reading and writing of books and then the current economic state of our shared Union. Since there was little time, we spoke only about these topics, family, or immediate issues of personal concern… but nothing of about work or business.

The Atlanta airport was another surprise due to the interesting display of art in the gate area where I waited for the Paris connection. Enjoyable mediums included the unexpected use of buttons that you could see in the first picture above and business cards that made the third.

The flight to Paris also sped by rapidly due to another unexpected encounter with an international business man who spoke with me about E commerse bids utilizing reverse round robins, that after a long nine months of due dilligence, dissipated in a fraction of a second in the face of a blank computer screen. Being from Tampa, Florida and having my hand in the ownership of real estate, I could related to the frustration and dissapointment of such a negative return on so much work. We encouraged each other with stories and ideas that helped create perspective.
I had only reached the half way mark landing in Paris, when I said good bye to this new found friend ,but already the idea that traveling has rich rewards was once again very true. Interesting… that the conversations in the sky can become friendly connections to fasinating people with interesting life stories. Some of life’s truest treasures.
Next Barcelona!

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Attraction Marketing

Channelside Artist OptionsChannelside Artists at Work

Perusing through a Tampa Bay hotspot called Channelside I encountered him. The Channelside Artist.
Focused intently he was creating a work of art for an inspired customer.

His tools… a canvas and cans of paint. Spray paint to be precise. He used newspaper, cardboard, his hands, his eyes and his creative spirit.
The artist provided a portfolio of options for his potential client to choose from. His prices appeared moderate. The crowd gathered around to watch the inspiration of a local artist doing his thing. A high tech grafiti artist creating beautiful art on canvas.

No big name in lights not even a business card around. Just him, on his knees, in the midst of a crowd doing what comes obviously natural for him. Creating at the beckoning of an inspired customer.

Simply a perfect example of attraction marketing.
If you want to know more about grafiti art…check out the sidebar to your right!Click on see all 17 videos…

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In Praise Of the Road Ranger

Road Ranger

Today was a challenge from lunch time on. I was returning from Orlando on I4 to Tampa coming from the airport area. Unknowingly ended up heading east instead of west when my tire blew. I did make it to the side of the road and called AAA for help. After an hour had past I was approached by a Road Ranger. I was not aware such a person existed until then. Without hesitation he began changing the tire and said AAA was used to them getting to an event ahead of them. I asked how he was payed and the Road Ranger said by the State of Florida. It was beginning to rain just as he arrived and he could have so easily past me by and waited to help someone else when the rain was gone but he happily helped commenting on his concern for my saftey.
I usually don’t get turned around with directions but due to my error, plus the 50-55 mile an hour speed The Ranger encouraged me to stay on for safty sake, and the 1 hour wait along the side of the road. My five hour return trip home from Orlando was an encouraging discovery of our tax dollars and a Ranger with firm commitment to service were working on my behalf. This will be a good memory!

Colleen K. McKeown


A Chance Encounter

A Magical Encounter Pic

Yesterday I was at the beach enjoying the day with a friend and noticed a man stitting on a stool holding up a white cross with red lettering that read JESUS SAVES. There were two smaller signs on each side of him by his feet that invited people to have him pray for a need in their lives.

My friend and I were being entertained by a very talented cafe singer Mike Sales who was creating great music from yester years and even at 5p the people were up and dancing.

My eyes though kept going back to the man on the beach sitting completely alone. All the time we were there no one had approached him. Not even to say hello or shake his hand.

My curiostity continued to develope so I went out to say hello. I wanted to find out how he had come to this moment and to encourage his unique efforts. Mickey was a friendly older man with shining blue eyes and a good story to tell. Mickey’s story included everything from a ‘ 14 minute lights out’ experience that resulted in a year and a half coma , to  asking God to give him as an invalid an opportunity to serve  others ,to opportunites to share his story of faith with members of the Hell’s Angel’s at the Hell’s Angel’s headquarter 25 years ago and then the chance meeting of another who carried a white cross as well. Mickey met Rosie carrying a cross in New York City just after 911. Rosie had been a Hell’s Angel babe and had heard him give his talk that day 15 years ago. They have been married ever since.

I asked Mickey why no one seemed willing to approach him even to say hello  or shake his hand since I was sure that there were other people of faith here at the beach. Mickey said he believed that only those who had a true need would.

Well I guess he was right I had a true need to know who Mickey was and the benefit of his story. Glad I did!

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Days of Memories

A Great Mom and Grandma

A Great Mom and Grandma

First Mother’s then Father’s Day. Days of memories from years gone by and just yesterday. Memories that can make one feel rich and some feel poor.

I am one ,who in both case, is rich. I have been loved. I have loved in return.

I would that all parents could love with realness. Not perfection but openly, with honesty. Children learn to be citizens in this way. Some children, now adults have  learn to love  ‘in spite’. This is a burden to them and to our society.

So this is to all of you who have made it easy. Happy Memories!

Colleen McKeown

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