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The Pleasure of Meetup .Com

Tampa TheaterKiln & Kork MeetupKiln & Kork Meetup
Good News… In this hi- tech low touch world we live in there is a powerful community surprise…
This year I have begun taking advantage of this powerful people connector. There really is no reason to ever have to be without options for learning, socializing or contributing in your community anymore.So the next time you’re looking for something to do this is a perfect place to start your search.

With if there isn’t a group for what you are interested in you can start a meetup for it. But there are already a lot of groups meeting for many different reasons right now.

Here is the experience I had at a new meetup I joined this month called 40 & Fun.It was a ‘pottery painting party’ at Kiln & Kork in south Tampa on Azeele. Colin the organizer and Andrea were in attendance. Meetups can have a few people or many at any given event. It was fun to meet and get to know about both Colin and Andrea.

Later Colin invited us to join him and another friend out on the town for an early Thai dinner and then to the Tampa Theater to see ‘Cheri’ with Michelle Pheifer. Finishing at a South Tampa’s Starbucks for more good conversation.

How’s that for a Sunday afternoon adventure that just began with choosing a meetup of interest at

Colleen K. McKeown

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Glad There are Still Strong Voices

I was happy to have found Mr Forbes strong voice of response in light of the fact that Obama announced last month to the world that ours was not a christian nation.

This statement of Barack’s has stayed on the back of my mind since then. I am sure that a lot of us who have been considering this announcement along with so much else these last few months have become some what silenced in disbelief.

Disbelief that so quickly ‘Real Change’ is happening all around us.Yet  I am not so sure this change has been so quick. I am constantly looking back into the memories of the past nearly fifty years of my life to find a continual balance to what I am seeing.

I first remember quite typical days of gowing to school, coming home to practice the piano, watching  tv while Mom cooked dinner and we waited for Dad to come home so we could cheer for him. Afternoons spent at Grandma and Grandpa’s with all the family showing up to visit at the same time for no real reason except we loved each other. Sitting in the breeze way talking, drinking coffee around the kitchen table or watching the Ed Sullivan, The Lawrence Welk Show or Hee Haw.

Then times changed… soon the images on t.v. were more extreme and the language being used was more aggressive. Even the radio changed.Family was not connecting as much  not even ours. Everyone was coming and going at all different times.The news reports of the day growing increasingly disturbing year after year.

Church was about the only thing that stayed the same… sort of. Don’t get me wrong the churches of America have seen change through the years but for the most part the christian church has stayed fairly typical in it’s basic design. Services start right on time each and every week. The Bible  message of God’s great forgiveness and love for man is still the point for most of them.

I am glad that that message has stood the test of time and all of the other messages of the Bible as well.You can check out Mr. Forbes words concerning Judeo Christian Nation on the sidewall here. I wrote this thinking of the one strong voice missing in the world today and that voice is my Father’s. This one’s for him.


To your memories,

Colleen K. McKeown


The Power of a Name

Every day all of us make a choice about what to wear, what to eat and how to react to our day. But for some their power of choice has gone even farther.

There are fellow beings ,who through the journey of life, have come to a place where they took hold of the power to change their name. Women have done it for years at the time of their wedding. Some have chosen to keep their maiden names or hyphenate them to maintain the value of their personal identity. Some children have changed their last names when a parent chose to remarry. They have decided to change their last names to be part of the identity of the family their mother was committing to.

But for some the decision to radically change their names has come through the process of personal clarification. Wanting to redirect their lives or wanting to make a complete commitment to a personal passion or new found awareness of the value of their existence.

One lady who crossed my path recently is  in the process of selecting of a new name . Her current name being ‘Diane’. Diane is choosing a new life and believes it is  important that the ‘new life’ should be christened with a new name. The choice of ‘Cat’ has been made for the first though the last is still being considered. Diane is confident it will be a Scottish or Irish name in the end. She is still researching the origins and meanings of names. When the name is selected it will be a clear identity statement.

It was somewhat different for a man named Ocean.  ‘Ocean’ never gave his birth name during the revelation of the story to change his name. There was no hint of it at all. The journey of his life included endings of important paths and opportunities to discover the ability to transfer healing through the touch of hands. His contemplations through this metaphorical time included the awareness of the power of the sea and it’s relative nature to his own existence. Ocean was to be his name.

Ocean’s experience of change was met with both support, resistance or conflict in equal measure. Some have been inspired by his personal clarity,employment of personal power and commitment to do such a thing . Others have critisized through irritation and sometimes hostility. It became very easy for him to tell where his real community existed.

Because Ocean has no second name he has found that he often doesn’t fit into the process of paperwork. Society has a hard time excepting you as a real person without a last name. Interesting similarity when one considers God, Buddha, Allah,or Socrates. Society often has a hard time with those entities as well.

Something so small and yet so personal the Power of a name and the Power to Change it.

Colleen K. McKeown

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When Losses are Fun

Monica's joyful smileI enjoyed seeing the joyfulness in Monica’s face as she shares the recent losses of her life. It was a stark reminder of the percpective by which things could be seen or experienced.

Monica probably scored really big on those losses. I bet she was  extremely excited to be introduced, by her loving dad ,to one of the members of her very own power team namely ‘The Fairy Godmother’.

Remember how exciting it was to think she, the Fairy Godmother,  would stop by in the middle of the night to bestow a gift beneath your pillow. Sometimes it was even the motivation to hurry up the process of loosing teeth!

In days like these loses seem to be the headlines of the day. It would be good to reflect that loses are always path ways to changes and changes can often lead to greater awareness even growth. Looking back over the stories of friends and family it appears there is always a trend of dividends following loses. Monica’s joyful smile revealed a carefree spirit that suggest she enjoys the changes that are happening in her life. No appearance of fear or embarrassment clouds her dancing eyes.

Reminds me that only those who are as children can ever really enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Colleen K.McKeown


Hello world!

There are times in life when nothing new is happening and you really feel the weight or frustration of nothing changing.

But then, those other times, when there are so many things to tackle. Not just one thing but alot of things and all at one time. 

Could be location changes, financial changes, changes related to health, changes in relationships or changes with your children growing up.
Maybe you are embarking on a career change, a project change or maybe you are seeing a big change in your future relating to your next eternal destination…

Complicated and kind of nerve racking things. Things you haven’t done before or in a very long time.

Today is filled with change… some say ”Change we have hoped for, Change we can believe in” while others say “it is Change we never could have imagined” 

Since change can be good and at the same time overwhelming it’s good to build into each day moments of foundation.

Remembering  to take time to reflect on the accomplishments of the last decades, years and days. Breathing into our minds and hearts ‘ the air of  wisdom’  that caused  those accomplishments to be won.

Enjoy the day !