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Protandim By Life Vantage- The Gift for Life

Photo of Dr. Joe McCord

A scientist, in a lab coat, 40 yrs ago

discovered the anti oxidant enzyme that fights free radicals in our body.

His name is Joseph McCord.

Dr. McCord recieved the last Elliot Cresson Award that was given for do so. He has also been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace prize.

The discovery was SOD and today is a very important focus in the anti oxidant research world.

In 2003 Dr.  McCord discovered a compound made with 5 ancient herbs which now has 4 patents.This compound is called Protandim and has been brought to the market since 2009 in the direct marketing business model. This is a business model that is very competent in bringing nutraceuticals to fame.. . Think Herbal Life for instance.

Protandim also up regulates glutathione 300 % by day 90 and glutathione is another  major star in the research world. The most important anti oxidant enzyme possibly in the human body.

For any one who wants to be on the cutting edge of bio chemical advances in making the body healthier and stronger in the most efficient way… Protandim has it all.

Life Vantage is a publicly  traded company with 268 % growth in each quarter of the last year. Now poised in the market place with the only health tool of its kind and trades under the ticker LFVN.

ABC Primetime Report on Protandim with John Quinones

Distributors are NEEDED  in all states of the  USA, Mexico & Japan


or call 813 220 8658 for more information.

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Look Left and Then Look Right

We heard this alot when we were little and learning to cross the street so as to be safe. Looking left and then right could be what we must do to be informed about what is going on in our country but at this moment the idea will center on my look to the left last Saturday while at a Learn to Ebay event held in Valrico ,Florida by Tim and Judy Wilson.

I have had a growing desire to learn how to use Ebay without having to figure it out myself. Time being very limited for all of my personal interest I hope to one day find a good teacher so I could get right to the most important points.  Sometimes in the pursuit of one’s interest life brings unexpected gifts. 

Reginald, he said his name was, Reginald Hobbs. We began to open our conversation as two strangers who were willing to look left and then right. 

Reginald shared how he was from Michigan but had lived in eight cities before settling there for another eight. He was the son of a military man and so ‘changing environments’ was a big part of his past. Our conversation found its way to the two things they say you should never discuss…. Politics and religion but not in the usual way.

I had learned that Reginald had written a book. I was impressed because few I know do that, so with more questions I discovered that Reginald  an African American and an evangelical christian since the age of 20, was currently a minister with a focus in teaching . His denominational experience  has ranged from non denominational to Baptist. 

He became inspired after the election of Barack Obama to write his book about the very different reaction that came after Obama’s win from the African American evangelical Christians of the faith and those of the white evangelical Christian’s. With a strong grasp of the principles of God’s Word from the Holy Bible as the back ground constant.

 So the purpose of his book was to consider the reactions and the basis for those reactions along side the truth of christian principle. Reginald Hobbs book, “ A Biblical Perspective on the First African -American President” is a quick but valuable read for those who have not read much on the subject, I was impressed with how much knowleged on the subject and balanced use of scripture was incorporated in the 52 pages. It has been reviewed as a good, fair, informative and challenging book by those who have read it and I will have to agree.

Many times it is rare to find some one who has a grasp of both spiritual concepts and at the same time  current events ,more than you would get through a casual look at the news paper or watching t.v.

Because of the book, I was reminded of my responsibility to pray for the President for many reasons. Sad to say, I have to admit, I haven’t done that in two years. I like many have watched Barack Obama in the context of a political figure and not as a human being. Between the challenge of Mr. Hobbs book this week and seeing ”The King’s Speech” , I am reminded that every man is on his journey. How he is viewed then encouraged is very important in how he  will be and how he will effect society. While so many have been challenged to understand what this President is about and how it effects our country’s future, the author’s ability to objectively look at all aspects of the President his views , leadership and goals has been effective. I am challenged  to once again keep my perspective first and foremost focused on that which is eternal ,true and real. I will be less inclined to be overtly judgemental or naive that way. 

Thank you Reginald Hobbs, for being a man willing to put your insights down on paper. 

You can find Reginald Hobb’s book, “ A Biblical Perspective on the First African-American President” at for $10.49  or directly from Mr. Hobbs at  for $9.00

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Could Be The Soon End of Global Hunger

What do you get

when you add+

2 young passionate American brothers

Passionate American Brothers

basic engineering and physics problem solving skills

a perfect focus

2 five gallon buckets

water & dirt

bits of plastic pipe


strategic holes


You get AMAZING results





concerns us all.

Watch here to see





Thanks Max & Grant


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Skin to Skin …That’s what Love Feels Like.

In a world where borders and boundaries are very important.

Where hugging or embracing each other has been slowly replaced by hi fives and verbal only exchanges.

Where handshakes with out eye contact even at church is normal.

There are still moments where the hearts just knows what is necessary….

Daily Good News

August 28, 2010
Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. –Eric Fromm

The Miracle Birth:
After giving birth to premature twins, Kate Ogg was informed that one of them didn’t make it.

Devastated, she held her limp 2-pound infant against her bare chest. For two hours, the mother and her husband said their goodbyes, cradling and hugging their son as if he were alive.

Two hours later, the newborn began moving and gasping.

Ogg instinctively fed her son a few drops of breast milk and soon his gasps turned into real breaths. “A short time later he opened his eyes. It was a miracle,” the mother recounts.

Now five months later, the radiant parents are highlighting the virtues of skin-on-skin care for sick babies, a technique known as ‘Kangaroo Care’ for the way Kangaroos hold their young in the pouch.

[Click here for more]

Be The Change:
Express appreciation for your mother or mother-like figure today.

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City Street Sweets Chocolates & Confections

Steve Ashworth has been creating sweet delicacies for 23 years.

A renown confectionier in Savannah, Georgia as well as a chocolatier for Godiva.

Steve Ashworth’s  mastermind brought it all together right here in Tampa Bay nearly

three years ago with his creation


City Street Sweets Chocolates & Confections.

On a rainy Wednesday evening in August when most people are home and dry,  his chocolate and

confection store was crowded with guest eagerly tasting the most interesting combination of

flavors and enjoying tasty drinks.

City Streets Sweets

serves up great events served around the creation of treats such as

The Chocolate Bar Therapy

where your party can learn , sample and create.

Chocolate Pizza Maker

where your group will learn to ‘temper’ chocolate.

Chocolate Bar Creator

where everyone at the gathering becomes  their own Willie Wonka

and last but not least

Candy College

where gummies, sprinles, and M&M’s takes the place of books, pencils and paper.

City Street Sweets Chocolate and Confections

is the place to be for anyone who loves




ice cream

Remember City Street Sweets is fun

Steve and his team are very friendly

there is  plenty of comfortable room for good conversations and parties

and this

makes a great gift idea for that hard to please chocolate and candy fanatic.

Check out  City Street Sweets website here for more information!

Thank You Steve your place is a pleasure!

Shipping Available

Click here if you like Vanilla Maple Bacon Fudge for a closer view!

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A Life Well Lived with Only One Regret… Hazel McCallion

Every now and then you get a glimpse  of the real thing.

A person on purpose who makes a real difference and seems to have a lot of fun doing it!!!

You will love this moment…Click Here


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Choices of a Former President and Pro American Patriot

As 145 soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan walked through the double doors in Terminal D at DFW Airport last week for two weeks of R&R, they were greeted not only by their families, but by former president George and Laura Bush.

AFA’s long-time friend, Bert Brady, who helps coordinate the welcome home project to our troops coming home for furlough at Dallas Fort Worth airport sent us an amazing video of President Bush welcoming the troops.

It is refreshing to see how pro-American and patriotic our former Commander-in-Chief is.

Please take a moment to watch this heartwarming and inspirational video of President Bush welcoming home our military heroes.

Brady said bout 40 people, among them retirees and veterans, show up almost daily to help welcome home soldiers with ovations as they depart customs and enter the main terminal. More than 750,000 service members have been welcomed as part of the program, he said, and some purposely ask to reroute their return to the U.S. so they can come through DFW.


Help us send 100,000 “Thank You!” messages to former President George Bush for his patriotism and support of our military!  Let’s let him know we are grateful for his continued leadership.

Please continue to remember our troops and their families in your daily prayers.

Watch the video and send your “Thank You” now!



Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

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To the Courageous Amoung Us…living with ALS

This one is in memory of my friend Tony and my dad’s friend Steve

who have and are running their race with the catastrophic illness called ALS.

You may have a ‘courageous one’ living out this experience in your life  and this one is for you too.

Watching a loved one or friend live through continuous and unending challenges

is often maddening and heartbreaking.

Definitely it has a  profound effect on how you and I see our own challenges.

Bearing one another’s burdens is not always fun but always bears rich rewards.

Enjoy Jon Blais’s story of  how he and his family

are doing exactly that.

Then be encouraged, not to stop trying, in over coming your own challenges.


How long should you try? Until. –Jim Rohn

Inspiration of the Day:
Completing in an ironman triathlon is no small feat – a 2.4 mile swim followed by a 112 mile bike ride followed by a marathon (26.2 mile run)! Jon Blaise recently completed all of this while having a debilitating disease called ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), which attacks the motor neurons, or nerve cells, in the brain and spinal cord. “I think when I’m sitting in a wheelchair, down the road, I’ll know that I’ve fought the great fight,” Jon smiles. “This is it. Your life. Face your fears and live your dreams.” [ more ]

Be The Change:
Learn more about ALS and Jon’s mission to find a cure! [ more ]

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Thinking Outside the Human Mind… A Gift from Autism

The subject of Autism is a very challenging one and most of us have encountered the need for more  understanding on this subject. To date the diagnosis of Autism is increasing in numbers here in America . Maybe Autism has always been there in one degree or another through the ages but just not understood enough even for  a medical word to be associated with it. Already Autism has moved from being a disorder assumed to be  based in psychology to one study now through the lens of biology.

This wonderful gift of awareness is brought to you by Daily Good which you can resource through CharityFocus.Org  and features an extraordinary person who has not only helped us know what it is to be Autistic but has helped to contribute massively to the well being of animals and industry.

Please be introduced to the renowned Dr. Temple  Grandin and hear her amazing interview…You will laugh and you will learn!!!!

“I think in pictures. Words are like a second language to me.” 
Dr. Temple Grandin is one of the most fascinating and

respected figures in the world today. As a child whose

parents almost sent her to a mental institution, Grandin

became the first autistic individual to publish an

autobiography. She has utterly transformed how we view

people with autism and how we treat animals, specifically

in the cattle industry. She explains to us what it is like for

her to live in this world, having an autistic mind, and how

it helps her relate to animals. “We need all kinds of minds”

and beautiful things happen when we make an effort to see

what other see.               [ more ]  30 min Interview

Be The Change:
How does the world appear with autism? Discover the top 10 things every child with autism wishes you knew:            [
more ]

Please leave your comments  if you like this kind of information!

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Paul Cazares…The House of Rock!

Paul Cazares

Paul Cazares…

I met him years ago as a young man with a dream to spend his life in pursuit of love. His love at the time was and still is music. Through the years, Paul Cazares equally loved a wife and a beautiful daughter as he continues to live for his first love of music.

Paul began playing in his youth and building bands with friends in garages. As an artist Paul has always been a purist at heart. It was always clear through our conversation about his music aspirations. He knew that the path he wanted to follow would be challenged by the world who watched him because it would not be a path of conservative choices but what passion ever is…

As the years went on I would see Paul and his bands playing gigs and private venues all around the Tampa Bay area. His following always glad to be where he was… happy and having fun. A few years back as Paul continued to follow his love as love grows and changes its focus so did he. Paul began teaching young people how to perform and play in bands. Paul has created an invironment where young aspiring talent can come together and move forward towards their personal goals of making music for aidiences. In this way Paul has moved his passion to a deeper place of sharing his personal talent. Now Paul Cazares will have a more profound impact on the local community of the Tampa Bay area than even creating memories of fun loving music moments.Paul Cazares, the music mentor, will leave his unforgetable mark on Tampa’s future through the mentorship of the Tampa Bay area’s talented young musicians.

The House of Rock…

Paul opened “THE HOUSE OF ROCK” a school for musicians and singers to provide a platform for the bay area young music lovers to explore their personal love for music and performance. From the first stages of interest to the most talented and accomplished artist before they make it to the bigger audience stages they have a place. Paul has chosen the Carrollwood Community Center as the school’s location and has also partnered with the popular music store ‘Sam Ash’ in the Carrollwood area of Tampa,Florida to host the bands public performances. It’s no wonder such an obvious synergy has happened between two great music presence in town.
Today there are opportunities for those who love music to be involved at every level of mentorship or contribution. You or your young person can learn to play in bands and in public. Now you can find an opportunity for your music to shine.
There are also opportunities to sponsor young people who have economic challenges to experience dreams and lessons beyond their wildest imagination. For more information you are invited to Paul to find out more about ‘The House of Rock

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