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Protandim By Life Vantage- The Gift for Life

Photo of Dr. Joe McCord

A scientist, in a lab coat, 40 yrs ago

discovered the anti oxidant enzyme that fights free radicals in our body.

His name is Joseph McCord.

Dr. McCord recieved the last Elliot Cresson Award that was given for do so. He has also been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace prize.

The discovery was SOD and today is a very important focus in the anti oxidant research world.

In 2003 Dr.  McCord discovered a compound made with 5 ancient herbs which now has 4 patents.This compound is called Protandim and has been brought to the market since 2009 in the direct marketing business model. This is a business model that is very competent in bringing nutraceuticals to fame.. . Think Herbal Life for instance.

Protandim also up regulates glutathione 300 % by day 90 and glutathione is another  major star in the research world. The most important anti oxidant enzyme possibly in the human body.

For any one who wants to be on the cutting edge of bio chemical advances in making the body healthier and stronger in the most efficient way… Protandim has it all.

Life Vantage is a publicly  traded company with 268 % growth in each quarter of the last year. Now poised in the market place with the only health tool of its kind and trades under the ticker LFVN.

ABC Primetime Report on Protandim with John Quinones

Distributors are NEEDED  in all states of the  USA, Mexico & Japan


or call 813 220 8658 for more information.

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Could Be The Soon End of Global Hunger

What do you get

when you add+

2 young passionate American brothers

Passionate American Brothers

basic engineering and physics problem solving skills

a perfect focus

2 five gallon buckets

water & dirt

bits of plastic pipe


strategic holes


You get AMAZING results





concerns us all.

Watch here to see





Thanks Max & Grant


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City Street Sweets Chocolates & Confections

Steve Ashworth has been creating sweet delicacies for 23 years.

A renown confectionier in Savannah, Georgia as well as a chocolatier for Godiva.

Steve Ashworth’s  mastermind brought it all together right here in Tampa Bay nearly

three years ago with his creation


City Street Sweets Chocolates & Confections.

On a rainy Wednesday evening in August when most people are home and dry,  his chocolate and

confection store was crowded with guest eagerly tasting the most interesting combination of

flavors and enjoying tasty drinks.

City Streets Sweets

serves up great events served around the creation of treats such as

The Chocolate Bar Therapy

where your party can learn , sample and create.

Chocolate Pizza Maker

where your group will learn to ‘temper’ chocolate.

Chocolate Bar Creator

where everyone at the gathering becomes  their own Willie Wonka

and last but not least

Candy College

where gummies, sprinles, and M&M’s takes the place of books, pencils and paper.

City Street Sweets Chocolate and Confections

is the place to be for anyone who loves




ice cream

Remember City Street Sweets is fun

Steve and his team are very friendly

there is  plenty of comfortable room for good conversations and parties

and this

makes a great gift idea for that hard to please chocolate and candy fanatic.

Check out  City Street Sweets website here for more information!

Thank You Steve your place is a pleasure!

Shipping Available

Click here if you like Vanilla Maple Bacon Fudge for a closer view!

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Choices of a Former President and Pro American Patriot

As 145 soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan walked through the double doors in Terminal D at DFW Airport last week for two weeks of R&R, they were greeted not only by their families, but by former president George and Laura Bush.

AFA’s long-time friend, Bert Brady, who helps coordinate the welcome home project to our troops coming home for furlough at Dallas Fort Worth airport sent us an amazing video of President Bush welcoming the troops.

It is refreshing to see how pro-American and patriotic our former Commander-in-Chief is.

Please take a moment to watch this heartwarming and inspirational video of President Bush welcoming home our military heroes.

Brady said bout 40 people, among them retirees and veterans, show up almost daily to help welcome home soldiers with ovations as they depart customs and enter the main terminal. More than 750,000 service members have been welcomed as part of the program, he said, and some purposely ask to reroute their return to the U.S. so they can come through DFW.


Help us send 100,000 “Thank You!” messages to former President George Bush for his patriotism and support of our military!  Let’s let him know we are grateful for his continued leadership.

Please continue to remember our troops and their families in your daily prayers.

Watch the video and send your “Thank You” now!



Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

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Coriander,Cilantro,Garlic & Onions Love Chicken!

This past week a client mentioned she would cook her son a favorite dish and I asked what it was made with…

Thank you Lillie for letting me know what a perfect combination cilantro,corriander,garlic and onions make when blended with the chicken. I am sure our receipes are very different as this was my first time to mix these wonderful spices together on this Memorial Day. I so enjoyed the fragrance as the melding of flavors occured over the six hours of the slow cooking process. I was able to spends some time with that favorite tool Google to find out what others add to this basic set of ingredients to make this dish even more fun for the next times I make it. I found that most fry the chicken or bake it and a few slow cook it. Being one that enjoys thinking that someones else has cooked for me… slow cooking was my favorite starting approach. This way I get to sit back and enjoy the simple pleasures of adding to my knowlege all things cilantro and chicken while basking in the fragrance of a home cooked meal.

My version was simple, very easy and low fat  but could have been upgraded by the use of fresh cilantro and corriander.

First I stir fried 1.5 lbs of boneless skinned thighs and same amount of drumsticks in olive oil just to lightly brown and start the release of natural flavors tossing it all in the cooker.

I chopped a vadalia onion small but not fine along with 8 cloves of garlic smashed and cut. Combined with .12 oz of  dried cilantro and coriander powder, lots of  black pepper and amazing coarse salt from Mont St. Michelle, thanks to a very special friend’s gift, combine all together and left to marinate for 2 hours in the fridge.

The slow cooking began with adding just a splash of water to insure some additional moisture for the next six  hours and though some would have added sugar to their blend I will instead serve this exotic dish a top of a bed of sweet green peas which is a memory of many a childhood dinner plate. Hmmm…Quite a nice dish for a Memeorial Day!

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Bangkok Sushi from The Land of Smiles

A follow up to the previous entry concerning the potentially destroyed birthday party…

So nineteen shell-shocked birthday guest, after experiencing a complete meltdown at the original choice restaurant, were forced to find a second opportunity for their celebration with no reservations on a Saturday night, in Land o’ Lakes on Highway 54, using cellphones to be sure every one could find each other. Due to our sizes and the lack of opportunities in the area we found our way into the North Pointe Village on North Pointe Parkway and serendipitously stepped into the doors of Bangkok Sushi

Bangkok Sushi opened June 3rd 2009 and is only seven months old. They have a lovely menu that includes Thai and Sushi dishes that are very fresh, flavor filled with a decorative presentation. This jewel of a restaurant was created by a son of the ‘Land of Smiles’… Thailand, John Chieopanich and his very friendly Thai team of Chefs, Sushi Chefs and Wait Staff. When asked how he found such friendly and competent people to help make his amazing restaurant so successful he explained his association with The Thai Association of Tampa.

This very welcoming and gracious team of professionals cheerfully greeted us and quickly arranged for a perfect table right in the middle of this beautiful restaurant complete with eloquent Thai decor which you can see more of by clicking below to go to Bangkok Sushi’s website gallery.

From start to finish the professional team at Bangkok Sushi made sure our experience was just right to celebrate together with great atmosphere, very fresh tasty dishes and kind service which included a surprise flaming Thai happy birthday dessert complete with Thai instruments brought out for our table to enjoy.You would have thought it had been planned days before to be a perfect evening for the birthday celebration. It allowed the guest to completely calm down and even begin to laugh a little more about the events of the evening. By the end it was decided that everyone would sign the empty magnum in memory of this extremely unusual night’s experiences.

It always has so much to do with leadership the way things can go so well or not so well at all. Unlike the experience at the beginning of the night, the experience with the owner of Bangkok Sushi, John Chieopanich, happened due to his earlier 26 years of experience in hosting guest in a first class atmosphere. Mr. Chieopanich has been in leadership of Thai restaurants in Miami at ‘Siam Lotus’ as well as in Milwaukie in association with ‘The King and I’. Having study architecture in college when he lived in New York it is clear that he understands the art of designing and constructing a beautiful restaurant and a beautiful experience for his guest. Khop Khun Mak…Thank You very much to all at Bangkok Sushi!

Click here to see Bangkok Sushi’s menu

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A Celebration Almost turns to a Disaster!Thanks Benedetto's

The most incredible thing happened tonight at the birthday party of my friend. It was being held at Benedetto’s Ristorante Italiano a local established Italian restaurant with 19 people in attendance. I noticed upon arriving that the manager was not in a good spirit but did not consider it heavily. After the guest had all arrived and were chatting among themselves an conversation concerning a magnum of wine at the table brought by the birthday girl and her husband to share with their guest developed. Laughter about the size of the bottle and the fact that it would be more than enough to created a festive occasion for the guest.
Shortly after this and before the waitress could get through the selection of appetizers there was a confrontation between the owner and the host at the table in front of all of the birthday guest.
The owner in a loud voice was calling the husband a *&^%$ and accusing him of trying to steal from him. I was so shocked, confused and then completely disgusted by what I was watching. From that point other members of the family began to confront the owner as to his rudeness. My heart was beating fast and by this point many of us were beginning to stand and I know personally I just wanted to get away from this man. At one point while there three were other tables of by standing guest the owner closed the sliding windows that separated us from the piano area and other guest in the restaurant. He continued to scream about what he believed was happening to him and ordering us out of his restaurant. I could not believe it. I have never in my life seen such a display of rudeness and a lack of businessmanship.
You may wonder why the owner was so angry? Earlier, the manager told the husband that he would be charged a 45.00 corking fee[ customary charges in the area are 5.00 pr bottle...this magnum should have cost 15-20.00] the husband said he would agree but not return to the restaurant in the future. He and his wife have frequented this place for years at least bi monthly. The manager agreed to a 15.00fee.The owner said that he witnessed us through his cameras in his office laughing at him and was not going to be treated this way by an *&&^%$ who was just trying to steal from him. The owner ordered us out of the restaurant
There may probably be some kind of personal justification this man could offer for this very bad public behavior but I am not sure I personally care to ever know.

We were able to find a secondary location down the street who very happily accommodated our party and enjoyed the rest of our birthday girls celebration. After getting past the shock of the most blatant display of rudeness most of us have ever seen the humor began to grow and we agreed that this would be a story we would tell many years to each other into the distant future.

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Universal Music Day

Hats off to Susan Patricia Golden and her incredible vision for a ”Universal Music Day”! The Universal Music Day just celebrated it’s 3rd anniversary with the celebration being held in sunny Clearwater , Florida at the Octagon Art Center. It was an eclectic gathering of musical artist ranging from young singers Skylar and Lexie to Amass aka Allen hailing originally from Russia, playing the mandolin and about to have his 90th birthday.
Susan’s fun and easy way as the hostess of the evening created for the audience a personal connection to her vision of everyone finding and then sharing their music with the world. Susan encouraged the artist to share their personal story of finding their gift before they shared it making it even more wonderful for us the audience.
The evening’s line up began with Sharis Coleman-Der and Linda Faust who had us relaxing with laughter at their rendition of “BlackBeans” then also included the wonderful piano playing of Mary Aduddell,Roger Coe whose unique acappella song gave even more impact to the inspiring lyrics he shared then followed by Denise Taylor with Antonio as guitar back up who just recently began to share her awesome voice with a title called “No One Loves Just Like You a really great idea and so powerfully delivered.The evening’s celebrities were featuring Beatnik Castle g Francillia sharing their stage with Justin Elfis a welcomed guest siger and guitarist. Amazing talents who are up for one of this year’s Grammy Award’s and oh what a range in sounds they made.
The end of the evening had last but not least Chuckie Love and Rev. Nick Ozuna who brought the evening to a close with tremendous passion and words like ” setting space on fire with my love” and the ethereal sound of a Japanese Shakuhachi wow so much inspiration in just a few hours, all due to the foresight and vision of Susan Patricia Golden’s “Universal Music Day” and her continual invitation to all of us the find and share our music.

So have you found your music?
To Know more about Susan’s organization go to which you can click on at the sidebar!

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A Fun and Surprising Friday Night

blog Cork & Oliveblog Cork & Olive3Friday night was a fun and surprising Meetup with 40 and Fun’s organiser Colin Flood and Laura Guest! The venue was Cork and Olive of Carrollwood’s evening of winetasting which included two whites and three reds. Montespina Verdejo,Spain the first white of the evening and was my first surprise. Not being a white wine fan as much as a reds fan I could imagine this being a perfect pool side choice. The others in line were Alan Scott Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand along the lines of a Pinot Grigio. Laura’s favorite of the tasting,The Rhoning Stones Cotes du Rhone, France, the first red of the night. Followed by Ringmaster Tempranillo,Spain and the Silver Creek Cabernet Savignon, California. My favorite was not among the specialties but rather served along with our grilled eggplant dip, hummus and cheese plate appetizers. The Douglas Hill Merlot,California 2007. A fabulous every day sipping wine and a steal at only 10.00 a bottle.The Cork and Olive’s owners Loretta and Hendrick, along with Tim and John of LoKoCuisine were our very charming hosts and made our experience very personal.The display of local artist work decorating the walls, the cafe area and the spectacular display of well chosen wines for sale make this an outstanding choice for Friday night gatherings. We all agreed that this would not be our last visit.

As is usual with Colin, he had an idea for us to move on to Skipper’s 29th Birthday Bash. By now Laura, Colin and I had determinined that spending the evening together having as much fun as possible was a great way to finish the evening and so we danced till midnight under the stars with three very talented and hot bands Soul 2 Earth, Pocket Change and 3rd Stone all of these you can checkout through MySpace.

Thanks to Colin and Laura, the the Cork and Olive and Skipper’s for a really Fun and Surprising evening!

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I am Still Proud to Be an American

Margaritaville Remembers

This was an unexpected experience for sure! We were all together to celebrate mom’s 70th birthday in Crystal River. Not knowing what to expect we ventured to a local favorite restarant called Margaritagrille on the water. Being that it was scallop season, it was packed. I was introduced to the owner a Greek American know for his gentle friendly personality that everyone feels like a personal friend to.

This owners mission to be a credible entreprenuer but in a way that not only creates a fun places to meet and eat but also to remember an important moment in our country’s history. The day of the second foriegn violation of our country…9/11.

I was made to remember the reality of what that day suggested to us as a nation and realized in that moment of remembering that I had not been encouraged to remember this in eight years by anyone else. Some how tonight the evening of the eleventh os September, as I am watching that incredible moment on FOX News, I find that strange.

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