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The Pleasure of Meetup .Com

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Good News… In this hi- tech low touch world we live in there is a powerful community surprise…
This year I have begun taking advantage of this powerful people connector. There really is no reason to ever have to be without options for learning, socializing or contributing in your community anymore.So the next time you’re looking for something to do this is a perfect place to start your search.

With if there isn’t a group for what you are interested in you can start a meetup for it. But there are already a lot of groups meeting for many different reasons right now.

Here is the experience I had at a new meetup I joined this month called 40 & Fun.It was a ‘pottery painting party’ at Kiln & Kork in south Tampa on Azeele. Colin the organizer and Andrea were in attendance. Meetups can have a few people or many at any given event. It was fun to meet and get to know about both Colin and Andrea.

Later Colin invited us to join him and another friend out on the town for an early Thai dinner and then to the Tampa Theater to see ‘Cheri’ with Michelle Pheifer. Finishing at a South Tampa’s Starbucks for more good conversation.

How’s that for a Sunday afternoon adventure that just began with choosing a meetup of interest at

Colleen K. McKeown

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