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Look Left and Then Look Right

We heard this alot when we were little and learning to cross the street so as to be safe. Looking left and then right could be what we must do to be informed about what is going on in our country but at this moment the idea will center on my look to the left last Saturday while at a Learn to Ebay event held in Valrico ,Florida by Tim and Judy Wilson.

I have had a growing desire to learn how to use Ebay without having to figure it out myself. Time being very limited for all of my personal interest I hope to one day find a good teacher so I could get right to the most important points.  Sometimes in the pursuit of one’s interest life brings unexpected gifts. 

Reginald, he said his name was, Reginald Hobbs. We began to open our conversation as two strangers who were willing to look left and then right. 

Reginald shared how he was from Michigan but had lived in eight cities before settling there for another eight. He was the son of a military man and so ‘changing environments’ was a big part of his past. Our conversation found its way to the two things they say you should never discuss…. Politics and religion but not in the usual way.

I had learned that Reginald had written a book. I was impressed because few I know do that, so with more questions I discovered that Reginald  an African American and an evangelical christian since the age of 20, was currently a minister with a focus in teaching . His denominational experience  has ranged from non denominational to Baptist. 

He became inspired after the election of Barack Obama to write his book about the very different reaction that came after Obama’s win from the African American evangelical Christians of the faith and those of the white evangelical Christian’s. With a strong grasp of the principles of God’s Word from the Holy Bible as the back ground constant.

 So the purpose of his book was to consider the reactions and the basis for those reactions along side the truth of christian principle. Reginald Hobbs book, “ A Biblical Perspective on the First African -American President” is a quick but valuable read for those who have not read much on the subject, I was impressed with how much knowleged on the subject and balanced use of scripture was incorporated in the 52 pages. It has been reviewed as a good, fair, informative and challenging book by those who have read it and I will have to agree.

Many times it is rare to find some one who has a grasp of both spiritual concepts and at the same time  current events ,more than you would get through a casual look at the news paper or watching t.v.

Because of the book, I was reminded of my responsibility to pray for the President for many reasons. Sad to say, I have to admit, I haven’t done that in two years. I like many have watched Barack Obama in the context of a political figure and not as a human being. Between the challenge of Mr. Hobbs book this week and seeing ”The King’s Speech” , I am reminded that every man is on his journey. How he is viewed then encouraged is very important in how he  will be and how he will effect society. While so many have been challenged to understand what this President is about and how it effects our country’s future, the author’s ability to objectively look at all aspects of the President his views , leadership and goals has been effective. I am challenged  to once again keep my perspective first and foremost focused on that which is eternal ,true and real. I will be less inclined to be overtly judgemental or naive that way. 

Thank you Reginald Hobbs, for being a man willing to put your insights down on paper. 

You can find Reginald Hobb’s book, “ A Biblical Perspective on the First African-American President” at for $10.49  or directly from Mr. Hobbs at  for $9.00

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Skin to Skin …That’s what Love Feels Like.

In a world where borders and boundaries are very important.

Where hugging or embracing each other has been slowly replaced by hi fives and verbal only exchanges.

Where handshakes with out eye contact even at church is normal.

There are still moments where the hearts just knows what is necessary….

Daily Good News

August 28, 2010
Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. –Eric Fromm

The Miracle Birth:
After giving birth to premature twins, Kate Ogg was informed that one of them didn’t make it.

Devastated, she held her limp 2-pound infant against her bare chest. For two hours, the mother and her husband said their goodbyes, cradling and hugging their son as if he were alive.

Two hours later, the newborn began moving and gasping.

Ogg instinctively fed her son a few drops of breast milk and soon his gasps turned into real breaths. “A short time later he opened his eyes. It was a miracle,” the mother recounts.

Now five months later, the radiant parents are highlighting the virtues of skin-on-skin care for sick babies, a technique known as ‘Kangaroo Care’ for the way Kangaroos hold their young in the pouch.

[Click here for more]

Be The Change:
Express appreciation for your mother or mother-like figure today.

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To the Courageous Amoung Us…living with ALS

This one is in memory of my friend Tony and my dad’s friend Steve

who have and are running their race with the catastrophic illness called ALS.

You may have a ‘courageous one’ living out this experience in your life  and this one is for you too.

Watching a loved one or friend live through continuous and unending challenges

is often maddening and heartbreaking.

Definitely it has a  profound effect on how you and I see our own challenges.

Bearing one another’s burdens is not always fun but always bears rich rewards.

Enjoy Jon Blais’s story of  how he and his family

are doing exactly that.

Then be encouraged, not to stop trying, in over coming your own challenges.


How long should you try? Until. –Jim Rohn

Inspiration of the Day:
Completing in an ironman triathlon is no small feat – a 2.4 mile swim followed by a 112 mile bike ride followed by a marathon (26.2 mile run)! Jon Blaise recently completed all of this while having a debilitating disease called ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), which attacks the motor neurons, or nerve cells, in the brain and spinal cord. “I think when I’m sitting in a wheelchair, down the road, I’ll know that I’ve fought the great fight,” Jon smiles. “This is it. Your life. Face your fears and live your dreams.” [ more ]

Be The Change:
Learn more about ALS and Jon’s mission to find a cure! [ more ]

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3 Secrets to the Goal of Balance

Here is some of what is shared at Bay Area Goal Setters Rock

On Sunday at church the Pastor gave a great conversation on the Goal of Balance so I decided to share it here as well as at the new goal setting site. Hope it is of value to you.

The Goal of Balance has three points or secrets to consider and a word picture that is used to make the point is that of trying to balance a baseball bat in the palm of your outstretched hand. While you try to or imagine this you will first note that it will be important that you have a proper focus with the bat. It will be best if that is some where near the top of the bat. If you try to balance the bat without it, instead looking off somewhere else, it will surely fall.

As you continue with the proper focus the next discovery you will make is that you will need to make constant corrections. Your hand will instinctively move in order to compensate to maintain the balance of the bat. Did you see that?? Moving towards a well conceived goal WILL require constant corrections as you encounter the issues that will certainly happen surrounding it that can pull you off track.

Equally important and simultaneously necessary is a clear objective needed while the goal is persued. Without a clear objective about why achieving the goal is of utmost importance, success is much less likely to occur.
There is a wonderful story that can add more insight to this found in the Bible in the Book of 2 Kings chapter 4 versus 1-7. There is a woman who has a goal to survive and only has a pot of oil and a good contact.

P. S.When you read it see if you can recognise how she used these steps to find the achievement of her goal. Come back soon and leave a comment I’d love to know if you saw it!

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This Year's Last 100 Days


I had an interesting email this week and thought it would be appropriate to share with all of you these interesting end of the year questions. A shift from making New Years’s Resolution is the idea of working it backwards. So here it is…

We all began this year at GO, and all roads lead to a final rendezvous; the difference is what we’ve done en route. Goals set, actions taken, and results realized determine if you get to call this year a success or not.

September 23rd is an important date as it marks the 100 day countdown of 2009.

With that in mind, I have put together a number of questions for you to consider as you progress toward the finish line and call this year a wrap:

1. What specific results have you achieved so far this year?
2. Are you healthier, wealthier, and wiser?
3. Are you winning, losing or just holding ground?
4. What results are you committed to achieve by the end of the year?
5. How have you grown and what have you learned this year?
6. Is there any unfinished business that needs to be tended to in your life?
7. Are you actively pursuing what’s most important on a daily basis?
8. What habits do you need to change to ensure better results?
9. What is the key issue that inhibits your ability to perform at your best?

You must live to answer and honor these questions, because when it comes to the last 100 days of the year, every day and everything you do counts.

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Conversations in the Air

Spain 09 003Spain 09 290Spain 09 002This month’s trip to Barcelona and Madrid started with three Delta connections and one Spanish national flight with Vueling Air. I imagined it would prove to be a long beginning to a quick trip to Spain. Life however always manages to offer us an oasis or two along the way.

The first being a relaxing conversation that occured on the first flight to Atlanta with a happy stranger from Detroit. The topics we conversed about move quickly from reading and writing of books and then the current economic state of our shared Union. Since there was little time, we spoke only about these topics, family, or immediate issues of personal concern… but nothing of about work or business.

The Atlanta airport was another surprise due to the interesting display of art in the gate area where I waited for the Paris connection. Enjoyable mediums included the unexpected use of buttons that you could see in the first picture above and business cards that made the third.

The flight to Paris also sped by rapidly due to another unexpected encounter with an international business man who spoke with me about E commerse bids utilizing reverse round robins, that after a long nine months of due dilligence, dissipated in a fraction of a second in the face of a blank computer screen. Being from Tampa, Florida and having my hand in the ownership of real estate, I could related to the frustration and dissapointment of such a negative return on so much work. We encouraged each other with stories and ideas that helped create perspective.
I had only reached the half way mark landing in Paris, when I said good bye to this new found friend ,but already the idea that traveling has rich rewards was once again very true. Interesting… that the conversations in the sky can become friendly connections to fasinating people with interesting life stories. Some of life’s truest treasures.
Next Barcelona!

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In Praise Of the Road Ranger

Road Ranger

Today was a challenge from lunch time on. I was returning from Orlando on I4 to Tampa coming from the airport area. Unknowingly ended up heading east instead of west when my tire blew. I did make it to the side of the road and called AAA for help. After an hour had past I was approached by a Road Ranger. I was not aware such a person existed until then. Without hesitation he began changing the tire and said AAA was used to them getting to an event ahead of them. I asked how he was payed and the Road Ranger said by the State of Florida. It was beginning to rain just as he arrived and he could have so easily past me by and waited to help someone else when the rain was gone but he happily helped commenting on his concern for my saftey.
I usually don’t get turned around with directions but due to my error, plus the 50-55 mile an hour speed The Ranger encouraged me to stay on for safty sake, and the 1 hour wait along the side of the road. My five hour return trip home from Orlando was an encouraging discovery of our tax dollars and a Ranger with firm commitment to service were working on my behalf. This will be a good memory!

Colleen K. McKeown


HEARTS… Do You Have One?

In this weeks reading reviews I came across Kerry Mulcrone out of Minnesota’s advice to remember HEARTS! Kerry  linked working attributes that would make a real estate professional a success to the letters of the word ’HEARTS’ .  I have taken the liberty to have some satirical fun and link a few of my own for a different reason.

  • Honest…are you genuine and sincere even in the gray areas of life?
  • Empathetic …do you even know what this means?
  • Available…even in your busy day
  • Reliable…even when it’s not convient or profitable for you
  • Trustworthy…even though it’s not in vogue!
  • Skilled…though most others seem not to be.

What are you counting on that will set you apart from the others in your world. Are you even concerned with being set apart. Is the ease of fitting in overtaking the years of living on this spinning globe.

Taking the time to consider the trade offs we make every day can have powerful results. Being aware that we do leave a footprintas we go along. We are all up to our ears with what’s wrong with others but are we looking close enough in the mirror?  Hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day!

What is it that you want to project out here in the big wide world…does it have anything to with HEARTS?

Here’s a big Heart for you!

Colleen K. McKoewn

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A Chance Encounter

A Magical Encounter Pic

Yesterday I was at the beach enjoying the day with a friend and noticed a man stitting on a stool holding up a white cross with red lettering that read JESUS SAVES. There were two smaller signs on each side of him by his feet that invited people to have him pray for a need in their lives.

My friend and I were being entertained by a very talented cafe singer Mike Sales who was creating great music from yester years and even at 5p the people were up and dancing.

My eyes though kept going back to the man on the beach sitting completely alone. All the time we were there no one had approached him. Not even to say hello or shake his hand.

My curiostity continued to develope so I went out to say hello. I wanted to find out how he had come to this moment and to encourage his unique efforts. Mickey was a friendly older man with shining blue eyes and a good story to tell. Mickey’s story included everything from a ‘ 14 minute lights out’ experience that resulted in a year and a half coma , to  asking God to give him as an invalid an opportunity to serve  others ,to opportunites to share his story of faith with members of the Hell’s Angel’s at the Hell’s Angel’s headquarter 25 years ago and then the chance meeting of another who carried a white cross as well. Mickey met Rosie carrying a cross in New York City just after 911. Rosie had been a Hell’s Angel babe and had heard him give his talk that day 15 years ago. They have been married ever since.

I asked Mickey why no one seemed willing to approach him even to say hello  or shake his hand since I was sure that there were other people of faith here at the beach. Mickey said he believed that only those who had a true need would.

Well I guess he was right I had a true need to know who Mickey was and the benefit of his story. Glad I did!

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Serve it Up

What will be served?

What will you serve next?

These days I am finding myself being served a plate full of  issues. One after the other they continue to present on the menu.

To add to the challenge of meeting each circumstance  with gusto and vital solution creating energy, I’m met with ambiguous statements from onlookers who are trying to encourage  …

“have you considered people who have nothing these days”.

Of course , those of you as well as I , who are facing these perplexing times are aware of others who are struggling with pressures such as mine or worse. We are very probably praying for ourselves and others all through our tiring day.

A simple look of compassion or a good idea might be more the ’soup de jour’ I could have used… but there it is… left overs from a table that must be absolutely overflowing.

You have my permission to hand back a plate… if I ever serve you left overs.

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