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City Street Sweets Chocolates & Confections

Steve Ashworth has been creating sweet delicacies for 23 years.

A renown confectionier in Savannah, Georgia as well as a chocolatier for Godiva.

Steve Ashworth’s  mastermind brought it all together right here in Tampa Bay nearly

three years ago with his creation


City Street Sweets Chocolates & Confections.

On a rainy Wednesday evening in August when most people are home and dry,  his chocolate and

confection store was crowded with guest eagerly tasting the most interesting combination of

flavors and enjoying tasty drinks.

City Streets Sweets

serves up great events served around the creation of treats such as

The Chocolate Bar Therapy

where your party can learn , sample and create.

Chocolate Pizza Maker

where your group will learn to ‘temper’ chocolate.

Chocolate Bar Creator

where everyone at the gathering becomes  their own Willie Wonka

and last but not least

Candy College

where gummies, sprinles, and M&M’s takes the place of books, pencils and paper.

City Street Sweets Chocolate and Confections

is the place to be for anyone who loves




ice cream

Remember City Street Sweets is fun

Steve and his team are very friendly

there is  plenty of comfortable room for good conversations and parties

and this

makes a great gift idea for that hard to please chocolate and candy fanatic.

Check out  City Street Sweets website here for more information!

Thank You Steve your place is a pleasure!

Shipping Available

Click here if you like Vanilla Maple Bacon Fudge for a closer view!

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Independent Thinking…Independence Day!

I am looking forward to our soon coming Independence Day Celebration Fourth of July.I have always loved the sounds and sights of this unique celebration. The day we as Americans together remember that our freedom came with a price. Men of independent thinking who willing placed it all on the line to win our nations freedom to self govern. I find myself this week being surrounded by the idea of independent thinking as I am reading Bill O’Reilly”s ‘Bold Fresh’ and this evening as I write I am watching the biography of General David Petraeus.

Not only am I a patriotic lover of my country I also come from a faith that was begun by an independant thinker named Abram whose name was later changed to Abraham because of his ability to think and question, changed by the unique God he followed. There might be a thread here… that being I love independant thinking. I have always believed that truth was worth sacrificing for and independant thinking was the only path on which one would be able to find it.

Independent thought however requires the foundation of strong study and awareness of common sense so that even a common or a very educated person can be capable of independent thought. Ours is a country whose origins were strong in the knowledge of the Judeo Christian principles and at the same time good old fashion horse sense. It’s no wonder that we have had such an incredible independence in our past. A past that was a product of men and women who together asked hard questions of themselves and each other, that I hope will continue as years go on.

To mine and your well thought out Independant thinking and our Independence Day!

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