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Could Be The Soon End of Global Hunger

What do you get

when you add+

2 young passionate American brothers

Passionate American Brothers

basic engineering and physics problem solving skills

a perfect focus

2 five gallon buckets

water & dirt

bits of plastic pipe


strategic holes


You get AMAZING results





concerns us all.

Watch here to see





Thanks Max & Grant


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City Street Sweets Chocolates & Confections

Steve Ashworth has been creating sweet delicacies for 23 years.

A renown confectionier in Savannah, Georgia as well as a chocolatier for Godiva.

Steve Ashworth’s  mastermind brought it all together right here in Tampa Bay nearly

three years ago with his creation


City Street Sweets Chocolates & Confections.

On a rainy Wednesday evening in August when most people are home and dry,  his chocolate and

confection store was crowded with guest eagerly tasting the most interesting combination of

flavors and enjoying tasty drinks.

City Streets Sweets

serves up great events served around the creation of treats such as

The Chocolate Bar Therapy

where your party can learn , sample and create.

Chocolate Pizza Maker

where your group will learn to ‘temper’ chocolate.

Chocolate Bar Creator

where everyone at the gathering becomes  their own Willie Wonka

and last but not least

Candy College

where gummies, sprinles, and M&M’s takes the place of books, pencils and paper.

City Street Sweets Chocolate and Confections

is the place to be for anyone who loves




ice cream

Remember City Street Sweets is fun

Steve and his team are very friendly

there is  plenty of comfortable room for good conversations and parties

and this

makes a great gift idea for that hard to please chocolate and candy fanatic.

Check out  City Street Sweets website here for more information!

Thank You Steve your place is a pleasure!

Shipping Available

Click here if you like Vanilla Maple Bacon Fudge for a closer view!

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3 Secrets to the Goal of Balance

Here is some of what is shared at Bay Area Goal Setters Rock

On Sunday at church the Pastor gave a great conversation on the Goal of Balance so I decided to share it here as well as at the new goal setting site. Hope it is of value to you.

The Goal of Balance has three points or secrets to consider and a word picture that is used to make the point is that of trying to balance a baseball bat in the palm of your outstretched hand. While you try to or imagine this you will first note that it will be important that you have a proper focus with the bat. It will be best if that is some where near the top of the bat. If you try to balance the bat without it, instead looking off somewhere else, it will surely fall.

As you continue with the proper focus the next discovery you will make is that you will need to make constant corrections. Your hand will instinctively move in order to compensate to maintain the balance of the bat. Did you see that?? Moving towards a well conceived goal WILL require constant corrections as you encounter the issues that will certainly happen surrounding it that can pull you off track.

Equally important and simultaneously necessary is a clear objective needed while the goal is persued. Without a clear objective about why achieving the goal is of utmost importance, success is much less likely to occur.
There is a wonderful story that can add more insight to this found in the Bible in the Book of 2 Kings chapter 4 versus 1-7. There is a woman who has a goal to survive and only has a pot of oil and a good contact.

P. S.When you read it see if you can recognise how she used these steps to find the achievement of her goal. Come back soon and leave a comment I’d love to know if you saw it!

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When The Student is Ready.

There are many kinds of students in the world today so it would be that are many kinds of coaches. Many coaches are famous or well known while others least seen have been working hard in the background of public life. A quick list of coaches might begin with those from the ancient past such as Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates who coached Alexander the Great. Great thinkers and strategist.

Today they would also include those whose names are not recorded who are available through non for profit organizations. Organizations such as Big Brothers or Sisters, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Literacy Advocacy groups, Chambers of Commerce, AA and Al & Non Programs, churches, and synagogues have offered services free of charge for many years.

Another list include those in the current main stream of life who are well known and highly paid. Names like Vince Lombardi, Mike DuBose, Pete Sampress, Jose Higuera, and many others in the area of sports. Today there are coaches for college, career, business including executives or top Ceo’s, management and sales.

The idea of the past that it was important to be self made has transformed into a new belief that having the best coaches as a team to leverage personal capacity in the most powerful way. The willingness to make oneself available to the teaching and mentor ship of another is now considered a virtue to be favored rather than the independent self teaching of the school of hard knocks.

Acknowledging a coach on a personal level has even become a new form of self promotion. There are many powerful reasons to choose a coach in any area of personal interest.

The choice of a coach is powerful. Who are you choosing as your coach? Remember someone has chosen you!

Colleen K. McKeown [youtube=]


HEARTS… Do You Have One?

In this weeks reading reviews I came across Kerry Mulcrone out of Minnesota’s advice to remember HEARTS! Kerry  linked working attributes that would make a real estate professional a success to the letters of the word ’HEARTS’ .  I have taken the liberty to have some satirical fun and link a few of my own for a different reason.

  • Honest…are you genuine and sincere even in the gray areas of life?
  • Empathetic …do you even know what this means?
  • Available…even in your busy day
  • Reliable…even when it’s not convient or profitable for you
  • Trustworthy…even though it’s not in vogue!
  • Skilled…though most others seem not to be.

What are you counting on that will set you apart from the others in your world. Are you even concerned with being set apart. Is the ease of fitting in overtaking the years of living on this spinning globe.

Taking the time to consider the trade offs we make every day can have powerful results. Being aware that we do leave a footprintas we go along. We are all up to our ears with what’s wrong with others but are we looking close enough in the mirror?  Hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day!

What is it that you want to project out here in the big wide world…does it have anything to with HEARTS?

Here’s a big Heart for you!

Colleen K. McKoewn

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A Creative Challenge

A Creative Goal

A Creative Goal

Yea…I created my first two blog sites this week.  One for business and one for pleasure.  An exciting adventure with  alot of fun.

I recently joined an Internet marketing club of experts led  by Chris Krimitsos,  to hone my weak skill level in this area.

Feeling a bit challenged recently by small children on tv showing me how good they with their computer .

” Hi I just sent my pictures to my family in Europe and I am 4 yrs old”

Doesn’t that just get you?

Well being goal oriented and smart enough to know I’d better catch up.

Now wow, I am learning to not just to blog but…. “style blog” .

Today, I  am adding a  picture and next time a survey then soon videos. Who knows where this may go and who cares as long as I am having fun!

So go to register with a username and password so you can begin to “style blog” too.

Subscribe on my blog and I’ll share what I learn with you too.

Onward and Forward,

Colleen K. McKeown


Life if good when you have a goal.


Life is GREAT when you have a friend to share a win with!

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