Creativity United with Passion Brings Clarity


In a society which seems to be brimming with creativity and self expression it seems there is often something missing.

In decades past greatness was a rarity. Today it is show cased on every station. Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and Donald Trump’s, The Apprentice. Talent and competition is everywhere. Each day growing more challenging to see where unique greatness is truly reflected.

What is a driving force that separates talent from greatness?

Passion, the special ingredient that causes the one endowed with talent, to bring forth not just applause but emotion. Emotions like shock such as Houdini created with his magic, to amazement as it might have been for the first person to experience Alexander Gram Bell’s telephone or the awareness and change that came through the choices of Gandhi’s life. Emotions that reflect deep felt appreciation for the awesomeness of the gift being presented by “the great one”.

Today everyone seems to be asking,” what is your passion”.

I hope you enjoyed this moment of what seems to me like greatness. An obscure painter bringing together his talent with a songwriter’s words, the voices of singers and with obvious passion.

To your personal passion

Colleen K. McKeown


Greatness is driven by passion


Passion can be present even in obscurity

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