The Annual Multi Cultural Family Center of Tampa Food and Art Festival

 Thanks to Larry both a member of the board of The Multi Cultural Family Center of Tampa and an active member of’s International Friends I was able to attend this year’s annual arts and food festival. Larry gave ’International Friends’ the behind the scenes tour of  the non for profit facility that is about to go through a major expansion very soon.

    A Look into the MultiCultural Family Center Art & Food Festival      

When I stepped inside I was  immediately reminded of places I have traveled to before with the walls vivid rich colors and various flags representing the different countries that are  representative of the many families that make of the community of the center . Their was also an abundance of featured art that the young people who frequent this center have done on site and for sale for visitors like myself. I of course left with two  pieces that will hang now in my home, to serve as a reminder, of the fact that there are many surprises of culture right in my own back yard here in Tampa, Florida. The facility has many computer which help the local families keep their children current with technical awareness of  graphic arts and CTR skills as well as drumming,dancing, language classes, heritage awareness and other fun activities.

Music form other places filled the air and break dancing was the events main feature along with great food from various ethnic restaurants like The Queen of Sheba. Even Starbucks Tetra was present  The day was fun and drew in needed funds through vendors and silent auctions. The Multi Cultural Center had their own Facebook  page to help draw in the crowds find them

Can You Hear the Drums Yet?

Choosing to stay drug free and confident in one’s ethnic heritage seemed to be a focus everywhere you turned at the festival. A great venue for today’s youth! Volunteers are much appreciated, so if you have a skill or special ethnic focus, live in the Tampa Bay Area feel free to connect and get involved today.

                                                                      See They are Dancing 

The Multi Cultural Family Center of Tampa

6704 Hanley Road

Tampa, Florida 33615

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  1. Very nice post Colleen! You explained it very well. I’m glad you were able to come out yesterday and enjoy the celebration. I enjoyed the pictures, and the little video clips you posted. Your blog is very nice, I will have to read your other posts. Take care, and chat with you soon.

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