Sarai’s Baptism

Today my Godson’s sister Sarai was baptized and there were many interesting things that I noticed.

First to my surprise, when I went to get a baptism card to celebrate the day with her I went to Walgreen’s. For Florida this a general convenience store which usually has just about everything you might need. There were all of the usual cards. Birthday,anniversary,wedding,engagement, ba and bar mitvah, sympathy, to help you cope,missing you,thinking of you, thank you,new job,new home, new baby,baby christening, just because, just divorced…no just kidding!


Any way the point of all this is… there were no cards to celebrate a baptism.

I wondered in light in light of seeing no option for  card to celebrate this important day with her, how unusual this event in a person’s life might be these days or rather how unimportant of an event must it be in other’s estimation that there is no real market for this type of card in the general public.

Sarai was asked by the officiating clergy before the ceremony why she felt she should be baptised. Sarai explained in a very mature way, beyond that of a typical 15 year old,that she did not feel she ’should’ be baptised but rather she had come to ‘desired’ to be baptised to let her world know of her decision to recognise that she was willing to give her sins to Jesus in thanks and respect for his willingness to die for them.She said she had an expectation to wake to a new life in the after math of doing so.A real gift to a mom who has encouraged her daughter to believe and pray through all the years of growing to this moment!

Later at lunch we shared with our waitress that this was Sarai’s  baptism day. The waitress shared her memory of her confirmation and even brought out a piece of cake with a candle to celebrate with Sarai.  

This act of respect was important for all of us but I was specially blessed in the realization that one who truly understands the significance of this kind of important day in someones life finds a way to acknowledge it. Just as  Sarai who, not out of obligation to a religious tradition but out of a heart that desired to grow in a relationship with her Savior chose to be baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Go ye therefore and teach all nations babptising them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teaching them all things what so ever I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even unto the ends of the earth. Matthew 28:19-20.

Congratulation Sarai I look forward to all the other amazing stories of your life!

Auntie Colleen

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