The Power of Down Time

I spent the weekend trying to do as little as possible with the only real effort to let my mind go in whatever direction it preferred. I call it down time.

No focus or goal to achieve. I spend a lot of time achieving set goals and down time is a bit like laziness it seems. I am not comfortable doing nothing and for no particular reason. Even in this weekend of down time I gardened and finished an article. I found my way to a bloggers lesson on creating a starter for sourdough bread, through one of my friends who had posted in face book that she had joined a baker’s club. That was fun and something I could do another day when I needed a new fun goal to achieve. I finished and started a new book. I also enjoyed eating whenever I wanted to which is something I usually don’t have time to do. I also enjoyed having lunch with a favorite veteran Johnny and his lovely wife Mimi. Still in love after a lifetime of marriage.

I enjoyed the opportunity to review emails of information that friends had sent believing I had interest in the content and indeed I did!. I am now more aware of what is really happening in Dubai these days than meets the eye. I also be came better acquainted with two interesting men.

One is Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, from Columbia. He is a Nobel Prize recipient who is considered one of the significant authors of  the 20th century. Mr. Garcia–Marquez ’s style being labeled as ‘magical realism’. Many of his works express the theme of solitude . The other man of interest, Milton Friedman another Nobel Prize winner, considered possibly the most influential economist of the 20th century.  You can share these visits if you like by clicking on the videos to the right when you have a moment of down time.

For me it was an blissful weekend to say the least. And did I mention that great bottle of wine?

Cheers to an exceptional and  well rounded  Memorial Day Weekend!


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