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Yesterday I was at the beach enjoying the day with a friend and noticed a man stitting on a stool holding up a white cross with red lettering that read JESUS SAVES. There were two smaller signs on each side of him by his feet that invited people to have him pray for a need in their lives.

My friend and I were being entertained by a very talented cafe singer Mike Sales who was creating great music from yester years and even at 5p the people were up and dancing.

My eyes though kept going back to the man on the beach sitting completely alone. All the time we were there no one had approached him. Not even to say hello or shake his hand.

My curiostity continued to develope so I went out to say hello. I wanted to find out how he had come to this moment and to encourage his unique efforts. Mickey was a friendly older man with shining blue eyes and a good story to tell. Mickey’s story included everything from a ‘ 14 minute lights out’ experience that resulted in a year and a half coma , to  asking God to give him as an invalid an opportunity to serve  others ,to opportunites to share his story of faith with members of the Hell’s Angel’s at the Hell’s Angel’s headquarter 25 years ago and then the chance meeting of another who carried a white cross as well. Mickey met Rosie carrying a cross in New York City just after 911. Rosie had been a Hell’s Angel babe and had heard him give his talk that day 15 years ago. They have been married ever since.

I asked Mickey why no one seemed willing to approach him even to say hello  or shake his hand since I was sure that there were other people of faith here at the beach. Mickey said he believed that only those who had a true need would.

Well I guess he was right I had a true need to know who Mickey was and the benefit of his story. Glad I did!

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