HEARTS… Do You Have One?

In this weeks reading reviews I came across Kerry Mulcrone out of Minnesota’s advice to remember HEARTS! Kerry  linked working attributes that would make a real estate professional a success to the letters of the word ’HEARTS’ .  I have taken the liberty to have some satirical fun and link a few of my own for a different reason.

  • Honest…are you genuine and sincere even in the gray areas of life?
  • Empathetic …do you even know what this means?
  • Available…even in your busy day
  • Reliable…even when it’s not convient or profitable for you
  • Trustworthy…even though it’s not in vogue!
  • Skilled…though most others seem not to be.

What are you counting on that will set you apart from the others in your world. Are you even concerned with being set apart. Is the ease of fitting in overtaking the years of living on this spinning globe.

Taking the time to consider the trade offs we make every day can have powerful results. Being aware that we do leave a footprintas we go along. We are all up to our ears with what’s wrong with others but are we looking close enough in the mirror?  Hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day!

What is it that you want to project out here in the big wide world…does it have anything to with HEARTS?

Here’s a big Heart for you!

Colleen K. McKoewn

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