In Praise Of the Road Ranger

Road Ranger

Today was a challenge from lunch time on. I was returning from Orlando on I4 to Tampa coming from the airport area. Unknowingly ended up heading east instead of west when my tire blew. I did make it to the side of the road and called AAA for help. After an hour had past I was approached by a Road Ranger. I was not aware such a person existed until then. Without hesitation he began changing the tire and said AAA was used to them getting to an event ahead of them. I asked how he was payed and the Road Ranger said by the State of Florida. It was beginning to rain just as he arrived and he could have so easily past me by and waited to help someone else when the rain was gone but he happily helped commenting on his concern for my saftey.
I usually don’t get turned around with directions but due to my error, plus the 50-55 mile an hour speed The Ranger encouraged me to stay on for safty sake, and the 1 hour wait along the side of the road. My five hour return trip home from Orlando was an encouraging discovery of our tax dollars and a Ranger with firm commitment to service were working on my behalf. This will be a good memory!

Colleen K. McKeown

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  1. Pat Bass Jul 4th 2009

    What a blessing : ) May God bless the Road Ranger when he needs one, too!!!

  2. cocotoday Jul 5th 2009

    A good reason to pay Taxes!

  3. Cousin Terri Jul 5th 2009

    I am so happy to hear of Angels all around. I have believed in Angels since I was a small child. God is definitely watching over you. Oh and of course all our lost loved ones are our Angels as well!

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