When The Student is Ready.

There are many kinds of students in the world today so it would be that are many kinds of coaches. Many coaches are famous or well known while others least seen have been working hard in the background of public life. A quick list of coaches might begin with those from the ancient past such as Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates who coached Alexander the Great. Great thinkers and strategist.

Today they would also include those whose names are not recorded who are available through non for profit organizations. Organizations such as Big Brothers or Sisters, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Literacy Advocacy groups, Chambers of Commerce, AA and Al & Non Programs, churches, and synagogues have offered services free of charge for many years.

Another list include those in the current main stream of life who are well known and highly paid. Names like Vince Lombardi, Mike DuBose, Pete Sampress, Jose Higuera, and many others in the area of sports. Today there are coaches for college, career, business including executives or top Ceo’s, management and sales.

The idea of the past that it was important to be self made has transformed into a new belief that having the best coaches as a team to leverage personal capacity in the most powerful way. The willingness to make oneself available to the teaching and mentor ship of another is now considered a virtue to be favored rather than the independent self teaching of the school of hard knocks.

Acknowledging a coach on a personal level has even become a new form of self promotion. There are many powerful reasons to choose a coach in any area of personal interest.

The choice of a coach is powerful. Who are you choosing as your coach? Remember someone has chosen you!

Colleen K. McKeown [youtube=]

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  1. THis has got to be the funniest video I have ever seen!

  2. cocotoday Jul 21st 2009

    Definetly a laugh out loud!

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