I am Still Proud to Be an American

Margaritaville Remembers

This was an unexpected experience for sure! We were all together to celebrate mom’s 70th birthday in Crystal River. Not knowing what to expect we ventured to a local favorite restarant called Margaritagrille on the water. Being that it was scallop season, it was packed. I was introduced to the owner a Greek American know for his gentle friendly personality that everyone feels like a personal friend to.

This owners mission to be a credible entreprenuer but in a way that not only creates a fun places to meet and eat but also to remember an important moment in our country’s history. The day of the second foriegn violation of our country…9/11.

I was made to remember the reality of what that day suggested to us as a nation and realized in that moment of remembering that I had not been encouraged to remember this in eight years by anyone else. Some how tonight the evening of the eleventh os September, as I am watching that incredible moment on FOX News, I find that strange.

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  1. Pat Bass Sep 12th 2009

    I see what you mean – that does seem strange…..

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