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Channelside Artist OptionsChannelside Artists at Work

Perusing through a Tampa Bay hotspot called Channelside I encountered him. The Channelside Artist.
Focused intently he was creating a work of art for an inspired customer.

His tools… a canvas and cans of paint. Spray paint to be precise. He used newspaper, cardboard, his hands, his eyes and his creative spirit.
The artist provided a portfolio of options for his potential client to choose from. His prices appeared moderate. The crowd gathered around to watch the inspiration of a local artist doing his thing. A high tech grafiti artist creating beautiful art on canvas.

No big name in lights not even a business card around. Just him, on his knees, in the midst of a crowd doing what comes obviously natural for him. Creating at the beckoning of an inspired customer.

Simply a perfect example of attraction marketing.
If you want to know more about grafiti art…check out the sidebar to your right!Click on see all 17 videos…

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