Serve it Up

What will be served?

What will you serve next?

These days I am finding myself being served a plate full of  issues. One after the other they continue to present on the menu.

To add to the challenge of meeting each circumstance  with gusto and vital solution creating energy, I’m met with ambiguous statements from onlookers who are trying to encourage  …

“have you considered people who have nothing these days”.

Of course , those of you as well as I , who are facing these perplexing times are aware of others who are struggling with pressures such as mine or worse. We are very probably praying for ourselves and others all through our tiring day.

A simple look of compassion or a good idea might be more the ’soup de jour’ I could have used… but there it is… left overs from a table that must be absolutely overflowing.

You have my permission to hand back a plate… if I ever serve you left overs.

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