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Spain 09 003Spain 09 290Spain 09 002This month’s trip to Barcelona and Madrid started with three Delta connections and one Spanish national flight with Vueling Air. I imagined it would prove to be a long beginning to a quick trip to Spain. Life however always manages to offer us an oasis or two along the way.

The first being a relaxing conversation that occured on the first flight to Atlanta with a happy stranger from Detroit. The topics we conversed about move quickly from reading and writing of books and then the current economic state of our shared Union. Since there was little time, we spoke only about these topics, family, or immediate issues of personal concern… but nothing of about work or business.

The Atlanta airport was another surprise due to the interesting display of art in the gate area where I waited for the Paris connection. Enjoyable mediums included the unexpected use of buttons that you could see in the first picture above and business cards that made the third.

The flight to Paris also sped by rapidly due to another unexpected encounter with an international business man who spoke with me about E commerse bids utilizing reverse round robins, that after a long nine months of due dilligence, dissipated in a fraction of a second in the face of a blank computer screen. Being from Tampa, Florida and having my hand in the ownership of real estate, I could related to the frustration and dissapointment of such a negative return on so much work. We encouraged each other with stories and ideas that helped create perspective.
I had only reached the half way mark landing in Paris, when I said good bye to this new found friend ,but already the idea that traveling has rich rewards was once again very true. Interesting… that the conversations in the sky can become friendly connections to fasinating people with interesting life stories. Some of life’s truest treasures.
Next Barcelona!

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  1. Amazing story. We always meet interesting people when we’re interested.

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