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In beginning of my study of all things Liberitarian, I came across this writing and found it most interesting to help me understand the meanings of other political identifications. I am sure it will be of help as I begin to understand the difference between my current party the REPUBLICANS and Liberitarians, maybe you would be interested also…

“I am frequently puzzled, if not amused, by the ability of the left-

leaning literati to morph the definition of political words and phrases

to simultaneously alter perceptions of the past and re-frame the

current political debate in their favor. I must applaud this ability of the

left to alter the perceptions of the masses while honestly admonishing

the right for allowing such deception to continue unchallenged. When I

came across your web page my attention was netted by your

comparison of Republicans to fascists. Now, the Republicans, for all

their faults, are not fascists, but by your artistry you seem eager to

equate them with the Nazis. Were the Nazis fascists? Of course. But

why were they fascists? Why do we call them fascists? A better

question would be: why do we continue to associate Nazis with the

right when the Nazis were leftists. Now, I am not equating Nazis with

Democrats any more than I am equating Democrats to communists.

The Democrats are as distant from Nazis and Communists on the

political spectrum as Republicans are from anarchists. The term “Nazi”

is a shortened form of National Socialists. “Socialists.” The Nazis

were Socialists. Hitler and his evil cronies, when they were elected the

heads of German government, began transferring all private industry

into public hands. The Nazi government took control of all economic

matters. This is a far cry from conservative Republicans who want

government out of the private sector. Now, why are the Nazis titled

“fascists”? Fascism is defined as “a centralized government regime with

extremely nationalistic tendencies with an economic system based on

state-controlled capitalism.” Again, we have “state-controlled

capitalism.” Fascism is a form of socialism. Why then has the left

continued to equate fascism with the right? Is it because of the

“nationalism”? The Soviet Union was nationalistic in trying to dominate

the Slavic world; they weren’t right wingers.

Perhaps its the “capitalism” aspect? But left-wing socialism is defined

by its insistence upon state-controlled capitalism. Yes, the Nazis were

Socialists and, therefore left-wing, but, of course, this is no reason to

then call Democrats Nazis and fascists by extension. The left has

attempted to distance themselves from Nazis and Communists, and

they should, but your unfortunate and unnecessary feelings of

guilt about being on the same side of the spectrum as Nazis. Also

Communists should not invite attempts to label the right as left-wing

fascists. If you want to truly mock the right equate them with

anarchist; those who do not want any government. By this you are

at least on the right track, so to speak. In fact, compare the

Republicans to Sacco and Vanzetti. Personally, I am apolitical.

I just enjoy seeing the two sides duke it out for history.” – Originally

from Nicolas Gold, 2001

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  1. Apolitical, eh? You had me convinced you were attempting to “duke it out” with the best of them. I don’t think the original intention of the Soviet Revolution was to become nationalistic. I think they believed the world economic system would crumble and there wouldn’t really be other states or systems to compete with. Communism in that light depends on cooperation between countries, but you know that.

    I think South and Middle America are attempting this form of Communism right now. Did you know that Cuba actually exports doctors because their state-run education system has produced something that our education system cannot (we depend on imports).

    I think you’re absolutely right when you say that Republicans, in the end, are anarchists. But, they want to ensure that conditions are right, first. What’s the purpose of a business or corporation? Make profits, right? So, if entities within the free market are designed to make profits, and government disappears who looks out for me and you? Who makes sure that Walmart doesn’t join up with Target and lower wages for hourly workers? What happens when technology gets so advanced that jobs are no longer available for the majority of the population? Who will ensure that we are taken care of?

    How much money makes a person rich? $5 million? I can assure that I don’t have that much . . . and I’m guessing that you don’t either because you are “apolitical.” If you had that much you would know what side you were on. The problem is that people who don’t have that much don’t know which political party has their interest in mind when they levy taxes or make decisions. -antiwasp

  2. cocotoday Jan 25th 2010

    Dear Antiwasp
    It was so good of you to stop in and take a look a look around. I appreciate the time you took to give your impressions of my post. I do believe you may have misunderstood the context of the writing here both mine and the words of Nicholas Gold, concerning the different options of thought or positions. I was using his writing to look at in my own personal research of the options in deciding wether or not I should reconcider my current choice of political position.
    In these types of conversations around issues that make a difference in our lives and those of the future generations it is clear to me that in all discussions there should be the willingness to be clear with others as to what it is they are suggesting or sharing. I will consider your well posed questions also as I continue to challenge my own considerations.
    C.K. Mckeown

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