Barcelona The Bountiful

Spain 09 056Spain 09 013Spain 09 011Spain 09 092Spain 09 018Spain 09 064Spain 09 147Spain 09 016Barcelona a bohemian city by the sea. Alluring, charming and somewhat understated. A city of people and for people. Five million inhabitants in the metro area all living above the first floor of any building where everyday merchants sell their wares and tares. Our apartment was extremely nice right in the middle of a very friendly location just off the thorough fare called Las Ramblas.
Las Rambla a favorite avenue to see and be seen. Bustling and alive with culinary options and creative unique street performers. “Creativity” the enchanting quality, became clear here.But the other side of the coin was our first evening’s reminder to have fun but beware. Purse thievery was very real as we heard the scream of a victim as she very quickly lost her. Hence one of the only common fashion stlyes I noted, the long strap purse worn across the torso. Large guazy scarves wrapped aroung the neck and shoes to match the colour of one’s shirt were next in line.

Just a short walk and you would be at the beach, marina and casino. Brown sand beaches that boast of topless sunbathers, extremely well done sand sculptures, more mucical street performers and marijuana openly rolled and smoked created an atmosphere where anything goes. It was fun to sit down along a large walkway surrounded by palms,pine and maples,amist a crowed that gather to hear a musical group singing while looking out at the moving and docked boats of the marina. Very relaxing.
The higher elevations and mountain ranges were benefactors of Parc Guell and Tibadabo’s Santa Maria Cathedral. Fabulous vistas were a great place for more picture taking even on a cloudy day. All of this gifts of artist and archetects from the past whose impact is still felt today. A side trip to the Museum of Science and Industry was a surprise and was quite good with many local families in attendance.
It was very easy to feel right at home in this beautiful and relaxing city of Barcelona. I am already working on the itenerary of my next visit here.
Hope it will be soon!

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