Madrid From the Back Door

Spain 09 196Spain 09 192Spain 09 162Spain 09 010Spain 09-2My first visit to Madrid was much like entering a grand home through it’s magnificent entrance and foyer. The Grand Via was my address before flying on to Malaga by the southern coast. A guided tour of Muse Prado my first encounter with of the spelendid decorations of the casa de Madrid. The evening before a ride along the Grand Via revealed the sparling lights of fountains and buildings along the park. Surprises everywhere as I had not taken the time to read much about Madrid as most of my visit would be along the sea.

This visit my address Plaza Mayor. This experience was like visiting the Casa de Madrid through her back door. A large cobblestone and brick square hearalded by King Charles the Third the much beloved King of Spain on horseback in the center of the plaza. Surrounded by outdoor restaurants and merchants. Above residential apartment dwelling for five floors. This plaza began as housing for the lower class but now an apartment there can fetch ten million euros easily.Staying on the fifth floor we were able to watch from our balcony the street performers which, like Barcelona, seem to be everywhere.

During a walking tour of the original city I discovered the people of Madrid support three administrations. These include the district representatives and the district President, the President of Madrid and the King Of Spain who also lives in Madrid but not at the castle, though he could if he chose to. The tour guides both in the day time and the evening were very good and caused me for the first time to really realize the greatness of Spain. I have always had such a focus on America that it is easy to be disconnected to the greatness of the Kings of other countries and their leadership to there people. I have been encouraged to read more about the Kings of Spain. I was reminded also of the great writers of Spain while in the Plaza Santa Anna. Our guide spoke about the second manuscript written by Cervantes”Don Quiote” and the idea of material and spriritual issues having to be balanced at all times but the loss of the spiritual being a most unfortunate loss while material loss not being as devastating a loss. This was good to be reminded of, by a writer of long ago, in the face of the economic challenges our world is currently experiencing.

I enjoyed the history of the Palace very much and was encouraged to consider the old truth that ‘the father’s work is most often enjoyed by the son’ again a point of encouragement to press on dilligently when I returned home to the every day struggles of modern life. I discovered a bit too late that there were bike tours available as well, run by an australian that will be part of my next trips adventures.
Our last intimate evening in Madrid was in the dining room of the mansion at Casa de Madrid and that was at La Botin the oldest restaraunt in the world where Hemmingway and his friends worked and liked to hang out. The singers there impressed us with their fabulous singing and playing of instruments while our waiters made us feel right at home. We finished the evening with a ride back to the Grand Via and a casual stroll home to find the Flamico Dancer and the musical performers in the Plaza Mayor we sat under the stars together and enjoyed last remaining moments of our trip before our flight would leave in the morning. I am continually realizing this special city is very much like a grand home that should be visited often.

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