Learn How to Blog

You too can learn to blog! makes it fun, easy and  an exciting accomplishment.

I am probably just like you, not at all a’ techie’ and can be intimidated by ‘cyberspace’.

Step 1. Go to and register with a user name and password. It’s that easy to start.

Step 2.Once you are registered, you log in and click on your post name that you just created.

Step 3. Click on where it says ‘NEW POST’ and add a title where it says ‘Title’ skip down and then add what ever you want to share about in the content section.
Step 4. Remember to add your tag words which come from your content and are separated by commas.

Step 5. Now Click on Publish and share it with your world. Let them comment and tell you what they think.

Next goal …to learn how to add a subcription…. subscribe and I’ll share that with you too just let me know in the comments if you are interested to learn!

Onward and Forward,


P. S.

Life is fun when you have a goal.


Life is fun when you have a friend to share a win with !

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  1. Love the new design!

  2. cocotoday Oct 22nd 2009

    Thanks Chris

    Amazing how many things you stumble upon in this creative vain!

    Thanks again for checking in,

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