Universal Music Day

Hats off to Susan Patricia Golden and her incredible vision for a ”Universal Music Day”! The Universal Music Day just celebrated it’s 3rd anniversary with the celebration being held in sunny Clearwater , Florida at the Octagon Art Center. It was an eclectic gathering of musical artist ranging from young singers Skylar and Lexie to Amass aka Allen hailing originally from Russia, playing the mandolin and about to have his 90th birthday.
Susan’s fun and easy way as the hostess of the evening created for the audience a personal connection to her vision of everyone finding and then sharing their music with the world. Susan encouraged the artist to share their personal story of finding their gift before they shared it making it even more wonderful for us the audience.
The evening’s line up began with Sharis Coleman-Der and Linda Faust who had us relaxing with laughter at their rendition of “BlackBeans” then also included the wonderful piano playing of Mary Aduddell,Roger Coe whose unique acappella song gave even more impact to the inspiring lyrics he shared then followed by Denise Taylor with Antonio as guitar back up who just recently began to share her awesome voice with a title called “No One Loves Just Like You a really great idea and so powerfully delivered.The evening’s celebrities were featuring Beatnik Castle g Francillia sharing their stage with Justin Elfis a welcomed guest siger and guitarist. Amazing talents who are up for one of this year’s Grammy Award’s and oh what a range in sounds they made.
The end of the evening had last but not least Chuckie Love and Rev. Nick Ozuna who brought the evening to a close with tremendous passion and words like ” setting space on fire with my love” and the ethereal sound of a Japanese Shakuhachi wow so much inspiration in just a few hours, all due to the foresight and vision of Susan Patricia Golden’s “Universal Music Day” and her continual invitation to all of us the find and share our music.

So have you found your music?
To Know more about Susan’s organization go to which you can click on at the sidebar!

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  1. HOLY COW!!!!! I just saw this amazing write up!!! Coco, who are you? Thank you so much! What a wonderful story!

    Are you coming to the world famous Pier in St. Pete, FL tomorrow? Please introduce your self. I have never googled UMD. I am amazed and humbled!

    Hope I get to meet you!

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