Viva La Mechanic at InstyTune and Lube!

Insty Tune & Lube 006 You really understand the value and
importance of a Power Team in your life when one of those key players must be replaced.

I found myself 2k miles past my due date for an oil change and still in denial that I had to find a new competant and fair charging professional for a future relationship with my car. Having been an owner of a
corvette for 25 plus years and having had a tremendous corvette specialist followed by one of the area’s
best known independant Northstar specialist I was concerned that the mission to find a replacement team
member would be difficult.

Insty Tune & Lube 004

Good news, this week I made my way into Insty Tune and Lube just in hopes of having a
simple oil change to stave me over in my search. Right away I was greeted by Joey who I later discovered
was one of the owners John’s son. Joey let me know that since I was there on Ladies Day, I would have the
benefit of the premium oil change for the price of the regular service which is 24.95.

Insty Tune & Lube 001
Due to Joey’s friendly stlye, I soon discovered that the origin of the Insty Tune’s and Lube in Tampa, Florida began 16 years ago as an independant family owned establishment. John a
Master Tech. and Andreh who is a corvette specialist joint ventured and have been happily serving the
Tampa Bay area ever since. Insty Tune & Lube 007
When I asked Joey how they have held up during the economic down turn he replied, “we always have
been and are still in the lead among our competition”.
I asked what would his customer say is their reason for loyalty and he said,” they know the service and work is good but they also
know they will be treated like a friend like part of the family you know”. It was about then that one of the customers walked in and exclaimed how much they liked coming into have the Insty Tune team work on their car. It was also about then that I asked Joey if I could take some pictures and let my world know all about this gold mine I was discovering…a new member of my Power team.

Click here for or more details concerning service pricing, specials and contact information at INSTY TUNE AND LUBE! P.S.
Insty Tune and Lube’s charitable interest include The Handicap worshop, Gaither & Sickels High school autoshop.

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