Have You Drawn A Picture of It?

Drawings and Memory

Drawings and Memory

You may have heard it said before that “a picture paints a thousand words” well it’s true!

If you have put away your crayons or color pencils long ago it’s time to get them out agin. Studies show that goals without a clear vision are harder to achieve than one’s you’ve painted a picture of not just in you mind but on paper.

Did you know that Thomas Edision in one page of his journal not only wrote down the goal of creating a light bulb in 3 years but he also drew a picture of it. If a great goal setter and visionary felt the need to do this in order to achieve his dream can’t we followed his lead?
The sculptures of ancient times and builders of catherdral,skyscrapers and space ships know what the power of a drawing brings.
What is on your drawing table?

P.S.Click on the picture above to find out who the artist is!

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