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Percieved Value

Perceived Value

A Valuable Thing
A Valuable Thing

I am considering the ‘value of an offer’ verses ‘the value of a thing’ today. It  strikes me, this is happening to all of us every day. We are being given offers and having to decide if the trade has value to us.

The first time this home crossed my path it would become the underlying security for an offer I was to consider. One look at it and I was sure, I was not interested in exchanging my value for it. I even wondered if  it was a joke.

Later, on a second look I realized, what was happening on the inside was where the true value showed. I made the exchange.

Today, again I am being asked to consider what is it’s true value. In a market where nothing seems to have much and every one needs some. The offer I am considering, if accepted, would suggest that it has no real value to me. Of course, only if I chose to exchange, would that  become truth.The benefactor, then becoming the one who would determine it’s value.

Bottom Line…it’s where one is , at the moment of consideration, that counts in determining value.True value being ascribed not to “the thing” but rather to the complexity or simplicity of the moment.

To your future exchange,

Colleen K. McKeown


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