A Celebration Almost turns to a Disaster!Thanks Benedetto's

The most incredible thing happened tonight at the birthday party of my friend. It was being held at Benedetto’s Ristorante Italiano a local established Italian restaurant with 19 people in attendance. I noticed upon arriving that the manager was not in a good spirit but did not consider it heavily. After the guest had all arrived and were chatting among themselves an conversation concerning a magnum of wine at the table brought by the birthday girl and her husband to share with their guest developed. Laughter about the size of the bottle and the fact that it would be more than enough to created a festive occasion for the guest.
Shortly after this and before the waitress could get through the selection of appetizers there was a confrontation between the owner and the host at the table in front of all of the birthday guest.
The owner in a loud voice was calling the husband a *&^%$ and accusing him of trying to steal from him. I was so shocked, confused and then completely disgusted by what I was watching. From that point other members of the family began to confront the owner as to his rudeness. My heart was beating fast and by this point many of us were beginning to stand and I know personally I just wanted to get away from this man. At one point while there three were other tables of by standing guest the owner closed the sliding windows that separated us from the piano area and other guest in the restaurant. He continued to scream about what he believed was happening to him and ordering us out of his restaurant. I could not believe it. I have never in my life seen such a display of rudeness and a lack of businessmanship.
You may wonder why the owner was so angry? Earlier, the manager told the husband that he would be charged a 45.00 corking fee[ customary charges in the area are 5.00 pr bottle...this magnum should have cost 15-20.00] the husband said he would agree but not return to the restaurant in the future. He and his wife have frequented this place for years at least bi monthly. The manager agreed to a 15.00fee.The owner said that he witnessed us through his cameras in his office laughing at him and was not going to be treated this way by an *&&^%$ who was just trying to steal from him. The owner ordered us out of the restaurant
There may probably be some kind of personal justification this man could offer for this very bad public behavior but I am not sure I personally care to ever know.

We were able to find a secondary location down the street who very happily accommodated our party and enjoyed the rest of our birthday girls celebration. After getting past the shock of the most blatant display of rudeness most of us have ever seen the humor began to grow and we agreed that this would be a story we would tell many years to each other into the distant future.

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