Bangkok Sushi from The Land of Smiles

A follow up to the previous entry concerning the potentially destroyed birthday party…

So nineteen shell-shocked birthday guest, after experiencing a complete meltdown at the original choice restaurant, were forced to find a second opportunity for their celebration with no reservations on a Saturday night, in Land o’ Lakes on Highway 54, using cellphones to be sure every one could find each other. Due to our sizes and the lack of opportunities in the area we found our way into the North Pointe Village on North Pointe Parkway and serendipitously stepped into the doors of Bangkok Sushi

Bangkok Sushi opened June 3rd 2009 and is only seven months old. They have a lovely menu that includes Thai and Sushi dishes that are very fresh, flavor filled with a decorative presentation. This jewel of a restaurant was created by a son of the ‘Land of Smiles’… Thailand, John Chieopanich and his very friendly Thai team of Chefs, Sushi Chefs and Wait Staff. When asked how he found such friendly and competent people to help make his amazing restaurant so successful he explained his association with The Thai Association of Tampa.

This very welcoming and gracious team of professionals cheerfully greeted us and quickly arranged for a perfect table right in the middle of this beautiful restaurant complete with eloquent Thai decor which you can see more of by clicking below to go to Bangkok Sushi’s website gallery.

From start to finish the professional team at Bangkok Sushi made sure our experience was just right to celebrate together with great atmosphere, very fresh tasty dishes and kind service which included a surprise flaming Thai happy birthday dessert complete with Thai instruments brought out for our table to enjoy.You would have thought it had been planned days before to be a perfect evening for the birthday celebration. It allowed the guest to completely calm down and even begin to laugh a little more about the events of the evening. By the end it was decided that everyone would sign the empty magnum in memory of this extremely unusual night’s experiences.

It always has so much to do with leadership the way things can go so well or not so well at all. Unlike the experience at the beginning of the night, the experience with the owner of Bangkok Sushi, John Chieopanich, happened due to his earlier 26 years of experience in hosting guest in a first class atmosphere. Mr. Chieopanich has been in leadership of Thai restaurants in Miami at ‘Siam Lotus’ as well as in Milwaukie in association with ‘The King and I’. Having study architecture in college when he lived in New York it is clear that he understands the art of designing and constructing a beautiful restaurant and a beautiful experience for his guest. Khop Khun Mak…Thank You very much to all at Bangkok Sushi!

Click here to see Bangkok Sushi’s menu

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  1. OMG Colleen

    What a fantastic job you did describing the people and the restaurants. I cannot believe you did that.

    You certainly honored the wonderful people who accommodated us that night.
    They even separated the checks for everyone without complaint.

    It’s funny that you wrote about them because Tom and I were going up there this past Thursday to eat and say hi.
    I’m sure they remember us. Tom got home from work to late, but we’re going to make another attempt this week.
    I want to thank them personally for giving us the opportunity to celebrate my birthday with them.

    You did a quality job on your blog Colleen and if somehow I can share that with others let me know how I can do it. I would like for all my friends to see it.

    Thank you friend with a huge heart. I appreciate every thing we do together and times we spend together. I’m so very happy that I was directed to CoCoGeri :)

    My life wouldn’t be the same without you in it. I know Tom agree’s

    Love Diane

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