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Paul Cazares

Paul Cazares…

I met him years ago as a young man with a dream to spend his life in pursuit of love. His love at the time was and still is music. Through the years, Paul Cazares equally loved a wife and a beautiful daughter as he continues to live for his first love of music.

Paul began playing in his youth and building bands with friends in garages. As an artist Paul has always been a purist at heart. It was always clear through our conversation about his music aspirations. He knew that the path he wanted to follow would be challenged by the world who watched him because it would not be a path of conservative choices but what passion ever is…

As the years went on I would see Paul and his bands playing gigs and private venues all around the Tampa Bay area. His following always glad to be where he was… happy and having fun. A few years back as Paul continued to follow his love as love grows and changes its focus so did he. Paul began teaching young people how to perform and play in bands. Paul has created an invironment where young aspiring talent can come together and move forward towards their personal goals of making music for aidiences. In this way Paul has moved his passion to a deeper place of sharing his personal talent. Now Paul Cazares will have a more profound impact on the local community of the Tampa Bay area than even creating memories of fun loving music moments.Paul Cazares, the music mentor, will leave his unforgetable mark on Tampa’s future through the mentorship of the Tampa Bay area’s talented young musicians.

The House of Rock…

Paul opened “THE HOUSE OF ROCK” a school for musicians and singers to provide a platform for the bay area young music lovers to explore their personal love for music and performance. From the first stages of interest to the most talented and accomplished artist before they make it to the bigger audience stages they have a place. Paul has chosen the Carrollwood Community Center as the school’s location and has also partnered with the popular music store ‘Sam Ash’ in the Carrollwood area of Tampa,Florida to host the bands public performances. It’s no wonder such an obvious synergy has happened between two great music presence in town.
Today there are opportunities for those who love music to be involved at every level of mentorship or contribution. You or your young person can learn to play in bands and in public. Now you can find an opportunity for your music to shine.
There are also opportunities to sponsor young people who have economic challenges to experience dreams and lessons beyond their wildest imagination. For more information you are invited to Paul to find out more about ‘The House of Rock

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