Patience …One of Life’s Possible Gifts

Gifts from life show up just about everywhere like the other evening when out to a movie with a friend we saw” The Karate Kid” . As I drove home many scenes from the movie along with life experiences from the month I had just lived through merge together creating a moment of realization that everything is happening very much on purpose and planned in advance so that our personal days are rich with opportunities to learn our most important lessons. Lessons that move us forward on our personal paths of life and life more abundant.

Here is yet one more gift that has crossed my path at a very timely moment when I needed to be reminded that life needs much patience to really enjoy.  Thank you Pavithra and, the original place for this gift of  discovery.

I would highly recomend this interesting platform of thought… for those who have the luxury of time to think.

A Portrait in Patience

–by Pavithra Mehta

Patience they say- Click here and enjoy!


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