A Creative Challenge

A Creative Goal

A Creative Goal

Yea…I created my first two blog sites this week.  One for business and one for pleasure.  An exciting adventure with  alot of fun.

I recently joined an Internet marketing club of experts led  by Chris Krimitsos,  to hone my weak skill level in this area.

Feeling a bit challenged recently by small children on tv showing me how good they with their computer .

” Hi I just sent my pictures to my family in Europe and I am 4 yrs old”

Doesn’t that just get you?

Well being goal oriented and smart enough to know I’d better catch up.

Now wow, I am learning to not just to blog but…. “style blog” .

Today, I  am adding a  picture and next time a survey then soon videos. Who knows where this may go and who cares as long as I am having fun!

So go to register with a username and password so you can begin to “style blog” too.

Subscribe on my blog and I’ll share what I learn with you too.

Onward and Forward,

Colleen K. McKeown


Life if good when you have a goal.


Life is GREAT when you have a friend to share a win with!


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