Thinking Outside the Human Mind… A Gift from Autism

The subject of Autism is a very challenging one and most of us have encountered the need for more  understanding on this subject. To date the diagnosis of Autism is increasing in numbers here in America . Maybe Autism has always been there in one degree or another through the ages but just not understood enough even for  a medical word to be associated with it. Already Autism has moved from being a disorder assumed to be  based in psychology to one study now through the lens of biology.

This wonderful gift of awareness is brought to you by Daily Good which you can resource through CharityFocus.Org  and features an extraordinary person who has not only helped us know what it is to be Autistic but has helped to contribute massively to the well being of animals and industry.

Please be introduced to the renowned Dr. Temple  Grandin and hear her amazing interview…You will laugh and you will learn!!!!

“I think in pictures. Words are like a second language to me.” 
Dr. Temple Grandin is one of the most fascinating and

respected figures in the world today. As a child whose

parents almost sent her to a mental institution, Grandin

became the first autistic individual to publish an

autobiography. She has utterly transformed how we view

people with autism and how we treat animals, specifically

in the cattle industry. She explains to us what it is like for

her to live in this world, having an autistic mind, and how

it helps her relate to animals. “We need all kinds of minds”

and beautiful things happen when we make an effort to see

what other see.               [ more ]  30 min Interview

Be The Change:
How does the world appear with autism? Discover the top 10 things every child with autism wishes you knew:            [
more ]

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